Digital Detox Friday – The NoPhone

The NoPhone

“The NoPhone is a technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact that allows you to stay connected with the real world.”

The NoPhone

The NoPhone

No this is not a joke, you can actually buy the NoPhone. A plastic block shaped to feel and look exactly as an iphone. This product was launched as a Kickstarter project asking for US$ 5000. It got over 18 000!

We also have products like the Digital Detox Kit, containing guidebooks, worksheets, mp3s and videos that will help you understand and curb your digital addiction. And get this, by buying the package you also get access to the Exclusive Facebook group where you can get help and share your experience. Anyone else see the irony in all this?

No matter what, these products shows that digital addiction is a fast growing epidemic but also that people have become aware of this and are looking for ways to fight their addiction.

A divided meeting industry

We also see the MICE-industry starting to acknowledging this. While one direction is moving toward more technically advanced events, with new apps, social media walls, drones, sensor and eye detection, virtual reality events, holograms, google glasses, etc etc. We can also see a clear move in the opposite direction with device and WIFI free event with focus on the real face-to-face meeting.

We are convinced that there are place for both of these world. There are situations where technology is absolutely necessary and revolutionizing. But there are even more situations where the real magic lies in the face-to-face interaction with another human being. Where the focus is on the actual moment and where ideas and thoughts can be shared without the constant background noise of updates, news feeds and notifications.

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