The importance of responding with a ‘Speedy’ Smile

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Posted by on November 4, 2015

The difference between responding with a first class or second class stamp could be the difference between you gaining that client or not. Responding in hours, not days, is a good way to generate trust and respect!



We would be very interested to hear whether you agree with this idea or not.

I suspect the graph is more curved rather than linear with satisfaction slowly decreasing until it reaches the client’s personal threshold, then rapidly plummeting. Extraordinary service in a large response might rescue the relationship but it’s an uphill battle. The point however is unchanged. Customers expect rapid response and constant communication.

It does raise an interesting question: if a backlog is created and you cannot expand your resources to process it: Do you process enquiries from the start head of the queue (the oldest enquiries) knowing that you have most likely lost your conversions or do you start with newer enquiries first knowing that if they wait until the rest of the backlog has cleared you might lose them them too?

Thanks a lot for your feedback Kristian Sheglova wink emoticon I think you are probably right about the graph, being curved rather than linear, yet people’s expectation levels vary from person to person. The key is trying to always exceed expectations and the best way to do that would to be as prompt as possible. 
In relation to your second point…my advice would be to start from at the head of the queue as the likelihood of conversion is greater. Even if the response is simply to let them know that you are struggling with the demand and you will be able to respond by….. (a date / time when you are confident you have the resources / capable of managing the request in its entirety)…really interesting and thought provoking feedback. Thanks once again 😉
Yes, some acknowledgement and information may help to reset the clock. Something that train companies could learn from!
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