Life’s Balloons

Work Life balance

Juggling life’s balloons

Imagine a balloon represents each key area in one’s life and the air in side each balloon symbolises attention, time and energy:

  • Work,
  • Play  (if you think about your health & fitness as ‘Play’ it does not seem so daunting to maintain this habit).
  • Family/Friends
  • Learning / Self development

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 Which one of your balloons would be largest?

When we were kids, our sole purpose in life was to play and learn with family and friends.  The balloons were not too big and juggling 3 balloons was doable –  life seemed manageable and enjoyable.

As you grow older  these balloons grow larger and you try your best to keep them off the ground.  Naturally you might drop one from time to time but it is not so difficult to bounce it back up..whilst keeping the other 2 afloat.

Then comes the time that the 4 the balloon is introduced in to the act!  WORK!!!  The prospect of blowing up your work balloon whilst keeping your others afloat can become too challenging for some.  These balloons begin to drop more regularly and cannot be so easily bounced back up once neglected.  

Having a part-time job, during the teenage years, help train people to become better jugglers in later life?  During interviews we always suggest employers asking candidates whether they worked during their teenage years and what they spent their hard earned cash on.  This certainly gives a good indicator on whether they would fit in to the culture of your organisation.

Sometimes people might get bored or tired of keeping these 4 balloons up in the air so their is a tendency to throw another one in to the mix – their addiction balloon.  In the short term, it can be a lot of fun and exciting playing this game but sooner or later you get tired and more often than not all the balloons come crashing down.

Have you a 5th balloon that you need to drop to ensure you keep up the ones that count?