Meet Björn

Meet Björn
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Posted by on October 3, 2014

Sometimes it can be hard to know what kind of incentives and team building activities might suit you and your company. What works perfectly for one group can be a disaster for another.

That’s why, a while back, we decided to create videos profiling our target clients.

We have three main clients. They are all different characters, each with their unique wishes and needs. By getting to know these characters we hope we will help you find out which one is most like you or best correspond to your needs. Once you found your character they will help you to choose the perfect incentive for you and your colleagues!

We have already introduced Harry and Ellie, so this week it’s time to say hello to the last of our characters, Björn.


Who is Björn?
A 40-year old who owns a small outsourcing/recruitment company.

Where is Björn from?
Stavanger, Norway.

Why does Björn choose Travel Out There?
Björn appreciates that Travel Out There offer activities with value and that we have long experience in the business and that we truly care about our clients.

When does Björn choose Travel Out There?
Björn likes to reward his employees once per year and unite them with key partners and clients on fun incentives.

What does Björn book with Travel Out There?
Björn books classic team building activities, CSR activities and Company Retreats.





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