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We have all been there. That long conference or meeting that just never seems to end. Bad air, poor lighting and monotone monologue. It doesn’t matter how interesting the topic or speaker, it’s simply impossible to stay awake, let alone concentrated.



Long meetings can make anyone loose focus


With many years experience of organizing events and meetings, we have learned a lot about how to keep the energy and concentration level high during long sessions. Now we want to share our best tips with you.

So, next time you organize a meeting or event, read through this list and try to implement at least a few, if not all, of  the below points.

Travel Out There’s Tips for Meeting Energizers

1. Serve healthy snacks. No matter how tempting that candy bar or pastry might seem, trust us a piece of fruit will make you feel much better and fresher. Why not serve some brain food, like nuts and berries and perhaps some dark chocolate.

2. Serve a lot of water.

3. If you serve coffee make sure it’s good coffee. Puddle water does not have the desired effect.

4. If possible make the meeting laptop/phone free.

5. Take a walk. If it’s a small group meeting, go for a walk rather than sit down in a room. You will be amazed to see how much a change of environment and some exercise will do to your creative thinking (Click here to watch Nilofer Merchant’s TED speech about Walk and Talk )

6. Have the meeting outside. If it’s a bigger meeting you might not have the option to get out for a walk, but at least consider having the meeting outside. The fresh air, beauty of the nature and the change of environment will do wonders.

7. Have plants in the room. If the weather or location don’t allow you to go outside then make sure to have plants in the meeting room. This creates a feeling of vitality.

8. Get a catch box. The world’s first throwable microphone, that allows for more audience engagement and interaction during the conference or meeting.

9. Take breaks. And make sure to take a lot of breaks. Preferably ten minutes every hour or 90 minutes. Use the breaks to do an energizer. The Elephant, Giraffe and Palm tree is a great game that is both energizing and hilarious and also works as an ice-breaker.

10. Let natural light in. Ok, we know you need the darkness in order to see the projector, but as soon as you are done with the presentation, open up the shades and the windows. Also, why not think a bit outside the box – is there any other, more engaging way you can present your information besides relying on a computer and projector screen?

11. Play a game. Play a short treasure hunt/ quiz like City Code Game. This can easily be transformed into an indoor game and you can freely choose the theme of the game, to match your company or conference topic.

12. Move around in the room. Instead of presenting all the facts on the same board, having people staring at the same spot for hours – use the space around you. Hang your presentation sheets around the room, and have the audience move around with you as you go through them.

13. Active lunch break. If you have a full day conference, make sure to put in an activity during the lunch break. At a 300 people conference in Serbia we put in an interactive dance workshop . A great way to get new energy, a bit of exercise and also learn something about the local culture.


What are your best energizers tips? Leave a comment with your best tips!

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