Your Complete Guide to Organising a Company Retreat

Your Complete Guide to Organising a Company Retreat

Established in 2006, Travel Out There’s key objective is to help ignite team spirit, raise morale and develop a more connected culture for our clients. A happy, motivated and aligned workforce is a productive one! We aim to accelerate trust, respect and friendship within your team by providing tailor made and remarkable experiences for your company.

Travel Out There aim to help companies serious about development and change as well as having some fun! Travel Out There 3-T Experiences combine Travel, Team Building with Training. Our professional facilitators provide the methodology and structure for your retreat and our experience managers handle all your ground handling requirements in your specified destination. Together they make the perfect team to ensure you make the most of the limited and extremely valuable time that you are all together.

Before embarking on a company retreat or off-site it is important to have some clear and specific objectives in place that is why we have created this complete guide to organising a company retreat that covers all 4 corners of the Square of Effective Communication!

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Right Time to Organise your Company Retreat

Right Place for your Company Retreat

Right Agenda for your Company Retreat

Right Way for your Company Retreat 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information about organising a company retreat for your team!

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