3 Most Popular Team Building Activities

As a global company we get enquiries from all over the world and from various types of companies and groups. But no matter what type of group the enquiry comes from we have three activities that are definitely in the top choice for them all. Here are  our 3 most popular team building activities.

1. Culinary Team Building

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” said George Bernard Shaw and it really seems like he was on to something. The upswing and abundance of food cooking shows, celebrity chefs and cook books published just seem to increase every year.

In our Culinary Team Building you get to play your own Top Chef. There are a various ways in which this activity can be formed. A popular alternative is to start the day by going to a local market and buying the ingredients yourself or by having a ingredient scavenger hunt, where you compete against each other to see who can finish the shopping list first.

Once in the kitchen the group is divided into teams and guided by a professional chef, you will learn the secret tips and tricks to preparing a real gourmet dinner. It is also a perfect way to get to know the local food culture and cuisine as you can choose to prepare a national dish. For the really sweet loving ones we have the Willy Wonka Challenge, where you get to create, package and market your own delicious chocolate treat. [Read more]

2. Graffiti Workshop

Berlin Graffiti Workshop

Graffiti has existed sine the beginning of civilization. Even the Ancient Egyptians and Romans were scribbling words and drawings on their walls. Some see it as a pure art form, other as vandalism, but no matter what your stand point is, it is a great way to express yourself and let your creativity flow freely.

In our graffiti workshops you get the guidance, material and equipment needed to create your own art piece. You start with a pencil outline that will act as a guide for the finished graffiti. Besides having a lot of fun and exploring your drawing skills you will also get an original art piece to take home and hang in the office that will also work as an constant reminder of your great day together. [Read more]


3. City Code Game

This is one of our favorite activities! Why do we love it? Because it’s it the perfect combination of sightseeing, learning and team work with just the right amount of strategy and competition to it. Equipped with a tablet and an interactive map you and your team will set out into the city on a quest, where you need to visit the marked places on the map, as the questions will not be visible until you are at the exact spot.

This game can be shaped in many different ways. It can be a simple quiz, where you get to explore the city while answering questions and completing various tasks. It can also be turned into a real life board game, like Snakes and Ladder, where the board is exchanged for the city and the games pieces replaced with you and your colleagues. [Read more]

To book any of these activities, just click the above links, choose your destination and send an inquiry!

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