The Pursuit of Prime

Have you ever wondered why some organizations are meant to grow and succeed, while others fail? What are the ingredients of success in business and how to maintain the stage of prime – an aspiration of any organization or individual?

There are many theories and models trying to explain the perfect business plan, organizational structure, management or leadership styles. Last week Austin, Liene and me got the opportunity to dig into one of them – Adizes methodology of management which is exceptionally consistent and covers all the parts of business studies. The name of the conference “Breakthrough to Prime!” might have sounded exaggerating and set very high expectations. But they were met. Over and above.

Adizes methodology may not be groundbreaking, but I personally have found it fascinating how all the tiny bits connect together and suddenly everything starts to make sense. You realize that an organization is just like a child, it needs constant care, different at each stage of its lifecycle. It cannot reach the prime when just started, just like a toddler cannot grow into adult skipping adolescence. There are the right mistakes to make and the right lessons to learn at each stage. And yes, only by them and constant change we do move upwards, all the way to the prime. No matter the size or purpose of the organization, as long as it has room and willingness for improvement, it is going the right direction.curve

The last but not the least: all the knowledge gained is perfectly suitable from individual to business units, or even your relationships, if that is the part in your life missing management.

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