3 priorities when choosing the right place for a company retreat!

Choosing the Right Place for a Company Retreat

Following on from a previous post on ‘5 signs it is the right time for a company retreat (click here to read). I would like to now look into, and share some advice, on choosing the right place for a company retreat or offsite!! Please find below the top 3 priorities to consider when choosing a destination.

1)       Time, Money & Connectivity.

When choosing the place you have to begin by effectively deciding what is your budget for the experience. This will influence the destination, for example North Eastern Europe is considerably cheaper than South Western Europe, as well as the venue. For leaner budgets you might want to opt for a country house, within an hours drive of the airport / city centre, rather than a 5star Hotel. The venue choice also very much depends on your team size that you need to accommodate.

You also need to consider how well connected is the destination is to key locations the participants will be flying in from. When selecting the venue you will also want to ensure you can maintain a solid internet connection unless you are opting for a digital detox of course.

2) Destination / Market Research

If you are interested in developing a workforce or outsourcing some operations in the region or, alternatively, aiming to penetrate this particular market. In order to do so experiencing the place first hand will give you a wealth of knowledge, resources and most importantly of all valuable connections to make that happen and work more effectively. (see point 3)

3) Special Interests & Activities

Industry experts or learning from key people of interest in the specific destination. You may be interested in a market leader in one particular region and how they develop their business so that you can implement key ideas and strategies in your particular market. Travel Out There can arrange such meetings with leading industry experts.

Alternatively, it might be the case that you are keen to experience an activity that is unique to that particular destination – might be bobsleighing in RigaGraffiti workshop in Berlin or Dinner on Danube in Budapest.

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