Digital Detox Friday – A guide to a happier life

If you enter “Happy life” into Google’s image search you will quickly see that there is a pattern in the photos. They are photos of active, smiling people outdoors in nature. Sometimes surrounded by family and friends and a single person. We obviously have an idea of what a happy life entails, still we spend most of our awake time indoors, in front of computers, hardly seeing anything except artificial light. Of course we need to work, and most of todays work is done inside an office in front of an computer. But the alarming thing is that we spend most of our evenings and weekends doing the same thing. So this weekend, try to break the pattern. Below is a small guide to happier and healthier life. It seems simple when you list it like this doesn’t it?

Less TV, more reading
Less shopping, more outdoor
Less clutter, more space
Less rush, more slowness
Less consuming, more creating
Less junk, more real food
Less busywork, more impact
Less driving, more walking
Less noise, more solitude
Less focus on the future, more on the present
Less work, more play
Less worry, more smiles


austin (141 Posts)