Do Something Different in Riga

The importance of trying new things

Trying new things is important for our well-being and personal growth. We all tend to get stuck in daily routines in our lives which makes breaking out of the comfort zone seem even harder. But trying new things is good for us, because it

  • Gives us courage
  • Drives personal growth
  • Keeps us from being bored
  • and broadens our mind.

So why not take your next holiday or conference trip to crawl out of the comfort box and try something completely different.

Do Something Different in Riga

crazy roller riga


Riga is the perfect place for trying new things. No matter if it’s your first time  or 10th time in Riga there is always something new to discover and try out.

We have put together a whole category of unusual activities that you can choose from. How about putting your driving skills behind the wheels of a real tractor? Or learn how to build an igloo, Fly above the water with a dolphin jet pack, or embark on one of our most popular activities, Wacky Races, you get to pimp and drive your own Trabant or Lada and compete with the other teams in solving fun and exciting tasks around the city.

And all this can be done while having a Cheerleading squad cheering for you.

Wacky Races in Riga 

Dolphin Jetpack in Riga

Click here to see all of our “Something Different” activities.

Not impressed by our selection? We challenge you to give us an idea that we can’t deliver! Just drop us an e-mail with your craziest ideas for a fun day out and an unusual activity and we will do all we can to make it happen.

Let your fantasy run wild. What would be your ideal unusual activity? Share your craziest ideas with us below.



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