Imagine a place where you can sit down on a comfortable sofa. Connect to the WiFi. Use it, surf the internet upon your desire. Where you get unlimited coffee. Snacks. Tea. Bear with me – you can even bring your own food to this place. And cook it. Sounds like home? Or even better?

Here is the new concept of a cafe – a social cafe. Perhaps unsurprisingly the origins of this cafe are in Russia, where Ivan Mitin came up with the idea of a place for social gatherings of a different kind. The concept proved to be so popular, Mitin opened several cafes in Russia, before going West and trying his luck in London with Zieferblat. It didn’t take long for him to get dedicated followers and promoters of anti-cafes – another one opened in Paris and more are sure to come.

And what exactly does it mean, anti-cafe? It means a place where you don’t pay for what you consume, but for the time you spend there. Something like the ‘time is money’ philosophy. In London’s Zieferblat you pay 5c per minute, which adds up to 3€ per hour. All this includes the above-mentioned coffee or tea, snacks and internet. Sounds interesting? Give it a go!

You won’t only be spending your free afternoons or lunchbreaks in an anti-cafe. This place is meant to become lively at night by hosting poetry evenings, exhibitions, conferences, birthday parties… you name it! They have a projector you can use freely and a variety of board games to entertain yourselves with. AntiCafe in Paris even invites you to form you first start-up at their place!

Therefore if you happen to be in Moscow, London or Paris, be sure to check out this new social phenomenon. Or look for one popping up in your neighbourhood. Because their time is coming.

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