The Baltic’s the new Balearics?

The Heat is up in Latvia. The winter coats and rain jackets are hidden in the closets and Latvia is blossoming and booming. This is the time of the year everyone has been waiting for. Spending time outdoors as much as you can is the way to compensate for the long and dark winters under your blanket. Why not enjoy an summer holiday in Riga!

Now imagine this:

You start out with a breezy lunch at the terrace on a floating deck at Fabrika, one of Riga’s finest restaurants. You are enjoying the view over the yacht harbour with the Old Town in the background. While eating your light summer salad, listenning to Madonna’s “Holiday” and seeing the boats passing by you keep wondering: “How come I am not on one of them?”. And really, why aren’t you?

You pick up a bottle of fizzy, bubbly, sweet prosecco the locals claim to be real champagne. Here’s the phrase you will be needing at the supermarket: “Man lūdzu vienu Rīgas Šampanieti” (One bottle of Riga Champagne, please). You wrap it up and smuggle it on the deck of the Apsera Yacht that picks you up at the nearby harbor in Andrejosta. Ask them to play Madonna’s “Holiday” (you’re really starting to like the song) and sail away to Jurmala, Latvia’s beach resort while you are sipping champagne, focusing on getting a tan and practicing your new upper-class accent. Another three hours well spent, and in the meantime the Travel Out There team has prepared a lunch pack for you to boost up your energy.

You set out for a walk at the beach while humming Madonna’s “Holiday”. The walk will probably wear you off soon since you are not used to the simple lifestyle anymore.

How about this? There is one, but only one restaurant in Latvia that is located right at the coast of the sea. Restaurant Orrizonte in Jurmala has two open air terraces with a sea view that cannot leave you indifferent. Imagine treating yourself with Latvia’s finest grilled butterfish, a brie-cheese stuffed chicken breast or a salmon ballottine with vegetable risotto.

“Muan Luedzu Veeenu … Ahh, Could I get one more glass of bubbles, please”? Your realize you might be needing to learn a few more Latvian phrases to survive the rest of your holiday. You keep wondering whether they would accept your musical request at this place because you really want to hear that song again.

“Ready when you are”. The Travel Out There team will take you back to Riga Old Town for more bubbles and outdoor partying in Riga. Find a place at the spacious though always busy summer bars in Old Riga or switch to the real drinks – hit a beer garden in one of Old Riga’s cosiest squares.

A few drinks later you discover some physical activity would do your foggy brain good. Thank goodness, the Travel Out There nightriders are right on time to pick you up for a Riga Night Time Bike Tour. You bike around exploring the most unique sights of Riga often left unseen during daylight while singing Madonna’s “Holiday” out loud to the local crowd. You have definitely heard somewhere that Latvia is a country that sings – you can’t go wrong with this one, right? If only they’d put you in a club now…

Ready when you are! Join Travel Out There’s party experts to navigate you through the terraces and dance floors of clubs and bars. Keeping in mind the do’s and doņt’s the Riga Out There team will make sure you experience the nightlife of Riga at its fullest. Just make sure you’re in a good shape, drink plenty of water in between, and remember to write down your address just in case. Enjoy Riga nightlife and get plenty of fresh air outdoors. Holiday!