Prime Event Venue – Royal Compound in Belgrade

It is about time to get rid of all the stereotypes surrounding the Balkans! Belgrade is an historic city on the banks of river Danube and the capital of Serbia! This ‘White City’ (Beograd literally) offers much more than meets the eye! While Belgrade is globally known as the party Mecca, this is not its only quality. So don’t be surprised to find one of the prime event venues right here in the heart of the Balkans.


Royal Compound in Belgrade is a true eye-candy and definitely a luxurious venue for any type of event. The Royal Palace was the home of King Alexander I and built by the architects Zivojin Nikolic and Nikolay Krassnoff of the Royal Academy. The palace is beautiful example of the Serbian-Byzantine style.


The Royal Palace is surrounded with pergolas, park terraces, swimming pools, pavilions and platforms. There are magnificent views from the palace towards the ridge of Dedinje Hill, Koshutnjak Forest, Topchider and Avala Mountain.


There are several rooms on offer, each decorated in a particular style. The Formal Entrance Hall is paved with stone and decorated with copies of medieval frescoes from the Monasteries of Dechani and Sopochani. The Blue Drawing Room is decorated in the Baroque style; the Golden Drawing Room (Palma Vecchio) and Dining Room are in the Renaissance style with impressive wood carved ceilings and bronze chandeliers.



Should you want to impress your clients or co-workers with stunning surroundings and truly make your incentive in Belgrade one of a kind, probably you want to go for the Royal Compound. Enjoy the luxurious decor and breath-taking outdoors of the Palace.

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Winter Warmers

We all know how chilly it can get during the winter in Eastern Europe; anyone who has visited these parts also knows how the locals like to tell tales and stories over strong liquor. We count down the top 5 winter warmers to try this year.

Riga Black Balzam – As thick as tar and 45%abv this drink is a cross between Jagermeister and cough medicine, which is handy as the local Latvians swear by this drink as a cure for the common cold…if you have enough we are sure it could cure most ailments.



Unicums – Brewed from over 40 herbs (apparently) this liquor from Hungary is sure to warm the cockles of your heart, even if the image of a drowning man on the label is a bit odd.




Zubrowka – This list would not be complete without a good old traditional Polish wódka and where better to start than the Bison Grass wódka. A single blade of Bison grass is placed in every bottle and although this has been copied many times over there is only one original Zubrowka.



Vana – This Estonian liquor is available in varying levels of potency, from 16%abv up to 50%abv. Of course when in Tallinn there is only option and that the 50%abv, not as old as others on the list it is perhaps a bit more palatable with a sweeter taste.



Rakija – A favourite amongst the Balkans this liquor made from distilled fruit, Serbian Rakija is renowned as the best around, due to the excellent fruit farming in this area…again the not so legal form of Rakija can pack a punch at 60%abv