Amsterdam’s Best Summer Venues

With summer finally being here, we want to treat you to our three favorite Amsterdam summer event venues. Enjoy and we hope to see you soon in the Dutch capital!

1. Het Rijk van de Keizer

Het Rijk van de Keizer

Het Rijk van de Keizer

Located in the UNESCO protected grasslands of Amsterdam, Het Rijk van de Keizer is an old military base turned into an beautiful event venue. You can host your event inside one of historical buildings or, if the weather allows, outside in the lush garden. The amphitheater is the perfect place for group activities or presentations. Finish of the day with a relaxing stroll in the wetlands, a pause in the hammock or a delicious dinner prepared with fresh, organically grown ingredients.

This is the perfect place for a team that are in need of some energizing, relaxation and fresh perspectives.

2. Roest



Roest describes themselves as a creative refuge and an experience that is open to new ideas. And this is indeed a pulsating cultural heart of the city. The complex houses a bar, theatre, exhibition space, venue, nightclub and a city beach. Its minimalistic, industrial designed interiors, and outdoor area, including the beach, are frequently used for cultural markets, conferences, concerts and festivals. Let your minds flow freely and get inspired by the creative surrounding. And when you are tired of brainstorming and discussions, sink down in one of the sun chairs and enjoy a drink on the beach in the Dutch summer sun.

This is the perfect place for a team that are looking for a creative input, brainstorming and new ideas.  

3. The Scheepvaartmuseum

ship museum

The National Maritime Museum

This is the perfect venue for fancier occasions. Enjoy the bright summer nights in the glass roofed courtyard, perfect for gala dinners or receptions. The Maritime museum is also one of the city’s largest 17th century buildings, a storehouse for the Dutch war fleet dating back to 1656. Other than the amazing courtyard that will turn any event into a lush experience, they have many other venues suited for corporate events, including two exclusive locations at the waterfront.

This is the perfect place for a team that are looking for an exclusive and luxurious evening.  

 Amsterdam is full of inspiring venues and unusual conference facilities and whether you are planning a gala dinner, a conference a team building activity or presentation you can be sure to find a place to suit you perfectly and that will even exceed your expectations. T

For more info on venues in Amsterdam, check out our website, or contact Anne-Marie, our local event manager in Amsterdam.

When does an activity become a team build?

At Travel Out There, we believe that potentially any group activity can become a team building experience with the added fundamental element of a post event debrief.

Different activities can focus on developing varying levels of Key Out Comes. Some examples of team building outcomes:
• embrace creativity
• support managing change
• improve communication
• raise moral by having some fun

By identifying the desired key outcomes, the facilitator can tailor the Team Building experience accordingly. The strength or level of team building is also then established and this is reflected by hardness or softness of the experience.

Hard Team Building experiences, one could say become ‘corporate training’, have very extensive and detailed debriefs to evaluate performance and areas for development. The debriefs can be in the form of 1-2-1 assessments and written reports based on findings. Where as softer experiences tend to work on less formal approaches where group team discussions and simulated networking opportunities naturally leads to improved communication and increased morale.

When does an activity become a team build and then a training

When does an activity become a team build and then a training

The key role of the facilitator  is to ensure that the activity has been tailored to the clients needs and that they are equipped with the right tools to monitor the team’s performance in accordance with the desired outcomes. Great Team Building Facilitators simply know what the right questions to ask, whether in printed or verbal format. Encouraging participants to share the challenges they faced, both as a team and as individuals and explain how they overcame them. They can incorporate some form of award ceremonies where teams can be rewarded for excellence.

We have created a Team Building Barometer that you can view by clicking here. This helps you decide on what team building activity is most suitable for your team!


Convention Bureaus versus Travel Out There!

Convention Bureaus

Convention Bureaus are often very ‘straight laced’ – for a dynamic and innovative perspective of a destination perhaps seeking the advice of a local partner might be more effective?

Convention Bureaus Background Info

What are they?
They are commonly established to promote a city, region or country in order to increase the number or visitors – predominantly targeting business travellers.

Why do they exist?
They are often directly responsible for marketing the destination brand through travel and tourism “product awareness” to visitors.

Who works there?
Convention Bureaus are often funded by the state in combination with private stake holder investments.

Where do they work?
Convention bureaus represent the majority of MICE destinations across the world.

When did they start?
50 years ago, Switzerland founded the world’s first national convention bureau.

Questions you have to ask yourself when thinking of asking a Convention Bureau for assistance?

1) Am I dealing with a commercial or state run institution?

2) Will they offer me impartial advice and recommendations – often they have to recommend and strike targets set by their associated stake holders?

3) How much will ‘internal politics’ within the destination influence the information that I will receive?

4) How creative and innovative can a Convention Bureau be when having to work to tight guidelines and stipulations set from the powers above. Often Convention Bureaus have a very hierarchal structure and key decisions have to be made from the top.

5) Will they provide me with the ‘personal touch’ that my client requires?

6) Will they maintain a continuous presence throughout my experience?

7) Will they care so much about all the little things that count?

8) Are they more interested in the qualitative as well as the quantitate results.

9) Do they care so much about my enquiry? Convention Bureaus are often not financially incentivized to go that extra mile to satisfy the client. Agencies that rely solely on recommendation need to try harder to stand out from the competition.

10) Will the Convention Bureau provide me the full experience of the destination or just offer a specific service? Are they too much about the ‘talking’ and not enough about the ‘walking’?

Travel Out There believe that “Transparency is the new currency of trust”!