What is the Secret?

What is the secret – why are Eastern European women so hot?


Excuse the cliché but if I had a Euro for everytime someone asked me why the women are so hot in Eastern Europe I would be a very rich man.

Ask any expat why they moved to Riga, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Kiev and many more European magnets you will hear a wonderful yarn about the beautiful architecture, endless opportunities and cost of living. These are all valid reasons for anyone wanting to uproot and move to Eastern Europe but cutting out the fluff – the real numero uno reason is what you see when walking down the street.

Forget simply in the summer time, when living in this part of the world as the great Mungo Jerry sang:

You got women, you got women on your mind

Have a drink, have a drive (not illegally though)

Go out and see what you can find!

This is a great time of year for going for a wander as many of the locals have swapped playing around in their summer houses with bbq tongs and bum slapping birch branches to tottling around the old town in high heels and tight denim jeans.  There is a new fashion in this part of the world…women do not put jeans on they spray them on!  You simply have to ‘Experience it to believe it’!!

I have debated writing a book about the secret behind European beauties – I thought it would be a riveting read for any dude intending to visit Eastern Europe and the number one self help book for most Western European women.  But eh gotta start somewhere and a Blog post is as good a place as any:


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Video courtesy of MaiklsTV


The Secret Seven Theories:

  • Melting Pot Theory

In the past 800 years Latvia has only had only 40 years of independence! The Germans, Swedish, Poles, Russians and Lithuanians have all occupied at some time that makes quite a genetic cocktail which in turn creates a great look!

  • Brrrrrbaltic Theory

Baltic / Eastern European winters increase the metabolism – hence weight loss!  Venture outside when the temperatures are plummeting to a -25 degrees C…the only way you can keep warm is walk fast!

  • Tottle Theory

Tottling on the cobbled streets in stilettos helps to increase balance, leg and bum muscle toning and attitude!  Tottling on sandy beaches (and believe me it happens) does not quite burn the calories but it certainly raises a smile!

  • Meat and two veg theory

No processed food – a supermarket shop in Eastern Europe is very different to your typical Tesco shop .  Please Tesco’s stayaway and please Eastern European mum’s keep teaching your kids how to cook.

  • The Competitive Edge Theory

3 – 1 ratios….dudes during the soviet times were sent to Siberia, now they are sent to Oslo and Dublin to earn a decent living (the average wage in this part of the world is embarrassingly low….there is a saying that we have European costs and non-European wages).  With such a ratio it is no wonder the women want to dress to impress and keep themselves looking great.

  • Cake Justification theory

Go to a gym here – women actually do work out – it is not a social and there is no cake justification mindset.  Women here would rather spend their pocket money post work out on a solarium rather than a cheesecake.

  • MTV Theory

Young women love watching and reenacting the dance routines of their favorite pop stars. We are not only talking the moves but also the fashion. These girls know what they want and they will go to extremes to get it!

If anyone has any other secret theories we are always open for suggestions!!


Coming soon….

The Baltic Beauty exercise and nutrition program:

  • Bicep curls with your ratdog
  • ‘club’ running and dancing in high heels
  • Champagne and cherry eating