Travel Out There will invest 50,000 Euros in Live Buzz Start Up.

Live Buzz

“We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say” – Zeno of Citium

The ancient Greek philosopher already figured this out 300 years before Christ. Yet, getting people to listen, or to think before they speak, is still as big a challenge in today’s world.

That is why Travel Out There are happy to announce our investment in the Live Buzz start up.

What is LiveBuzz?

Live Buzz aims to improve communication within organisations and in the home.  A device where you can remotely buzz your colleague or partner should they be talking too much. The buzz comes in the form of an electric shock and can be remotely activated by a colleagues device. Our CEO Austin Nicholas believes the device can help people become better leaders by simply ensuring everyone gets their fair say.

The concept of Livebuzz was created in Tallinn by Eric Hints, the founder of Loquiz (a platform for creating interactive location based team games).

The device evolved from playing the city code game. We noticed repeatedly how some team members were dominating the game and did not give their team members a chance to say a word” Eric explains and continues ”During one game a woman got so annoyed with her colleague constant babbling that she threw an empty bottle she had in her hand in the colleagues head… And the man was quiet for the rest of the game! That’s when I realized that there is a need for something like Livebuzz”.

“They thought I was crazy”

At first, Eric’s colleagues and friends thought he was crazy. Who would voluntarily wear an electric shocker on their wrist? And how would an electric shock help to improve the communication?

But Eric went ahead and developed a prototype which he then gave a few organizations in Latvia and Estonia to try out. The response was above expectations.

”We tried the device during our weekly meeting, and the effect was amazing. The ones that usually do all the talking were reminded to give the others a chance to speak. People that usually never utter a word, was all of a sudden coming with inputs. And we even managed to keep the meeting half an hour shorter!” Says Andris Jansons, CEO of EstIQ, one of the companies that got to try out the device.

Laura Kask, who also got to try the device, was equally thrilled. “This device should be used in politics. Just imagine how different the world would look if politicians learned to listen better!”

Works just as good at home

Originally meant to be used to improve communication in companies and organizations, Travel Out There’s CEO Austin decided to try it at home as well.

”I have a tendency to talk too much sometimes, and my girlfriend often points this out. So I decided to put on a bracelet and gave her one as well.. and well, let’s just say that she was delighted. I’m not sure I will ever get to take this off again” Austin laughs.

Travel Out There has been working closely with Loquiz during last year, and are now happy to continue to develop the partnership between the two companies.

As a special promotion Travel Out There has decided to give away five LiveBuzz’s for free. All you have to do is like this our post on facebook and we will pick a lucky winner!