The Importance of Face to Face Meetings


Face to Face meetings

Austin presenting Anne-Marie with her Travel Out There Bean. We are confident she is going to nurture the plant as well as her destination.

Just before the Easter break, the Travel Out There HQ in Riga had the pleasure of hosting Anne-Marie our local partner from Amsterdam.

During the few days Anne-Marie was with us, we managed not only discuss developments and plans for Travel Out There but also gain a deeper level of understanding and engagement. . We had already conversed regularly on Skype, yet it is almost impossible to generate the clarity and excitement we achieved over these few days. We would like to thank Tallink Hotel Riga for hosting Anne-Marie.

So what is it that provides this magic recipe of face to face meetings that you cannot achieve over the phone or on Skype?

Here are the top 5 ingredients we came up with!!

1) It is good to listen – as well as talk.
On the phone and on Skype one has tendency to talk talk talk and not listen, listen, listen. Meeting in person even allows both of you to have time in silence and time to think. This seems ’natural’ when meeting in person but awkward when talking on the phone. It is this thinking time that drives greater understanding.

2) Attention guaranteed.
How many of us whilst speaking on the phone could not resist the temptation to check in to Facebook or reply to an email? When meeting in person, it is simply not good manners to be ‘multi task’ whilst conversing, hence you manage to get 100% attention from all partcipants.

3) Body language is Communication – We tend to forget that body language plays a major part in our communication. It is not just how you said something, but also your facial expressions and body posture. This is lost in a phone conversation.

4) It is important to relax
It is often during the coffee break or over lunch when you really get to know the person you are working with. Enjoying these down times, in each others company, helps promote your working relationship to another level. You strike more of an emotional connection.

5) Compromise and conclude
With the points listed above it so much easier to strike compromises and conclude on action plans and important decisions, that might take a series of telephone calls over days or even months. Hence, meeting in person can drive efficiency and an urgency to get stuff done and wrap up projects!!

We are already looking forward to next years Travel Out There’s partner summit and are always keen to help our clients manage effective meetings for all their participants in each of our destinations.