We at TOT are all about doing that little something to contribute to a better world. If we go that extra mile for making our clients happy and providing them with a great experience of the city, we can also go that extra mile to be better global citizens. It doesn’t cost us anything – actually it even costs us less! Making our business greener is saving us money, saving our planet and making us think a bit more creatively about how to do things.

And what exactly do we do? Simple things.

We’re an online experience agency. We rather use those megabytes than paper. We don’t have brochures, we put everything that matters on our website. Improving website does two things – it helps our clients find data quickly and efficiently by searching for specific keywords and diminishes our paper consumption. We barely know we have printer in our office!


Second thing that we’re all crazy about – Google docs. This wonderful discovery helped us save lots of paper and made our creative process easier. It is easy to use – sign in and start creating new documents, be it a document, presentation, chart or any other form. Google docs saves your progress automatically and it’s all online. No more unsaved disasters! And you can easily share those docs with your colleagues. Just add their e-mails to the sharing list and they can see all the brilliant ideas you came up with!

But for us it’s not just about cutting down our paper consumption. It’s about even smaller things. We use real mugs instead of plastic cups when we want our daily coffee. Each team member has his or her cup to use for those necessary refreshment breaks during our work! It’s also about cutting down our carbon footprint. We walk to work or take public transport. -14° in Riga? We call it a fresh morning! No worries about unfreezing your car and finding a parking spot. We just hop in the office with healthy red cheeks and get warm by drinking coffee from mugs (see above).

our mugs and glasses collection

Riga public transport card


Skype! Use the benefits of modern technology to a) get personal with people you work with and b) cutting down your carbon footprint by travelling less. We’ve got people working with us all over Europe, but we don’t waste our time, money and energy resources by flying over every month to check up on them. We simply skype our colleagues to discuss imminent issues, check how they’re doing and keep our business going at a distance!

You’ve got no more excuses not to try these simple tricks! It will cut down the unnecessary costs and improve your business environment by showing you care how things are run in your company. Being green is not just a fad. It’s about doing business better.