Rugby in Europe


Many of the destinations Travel Out There operate in are competing in the European Nations Cup Rugby Tournament. It is a Six Nations tournament for the developing Rugby nations.

The tournament is split in to 7 divisions, each with 5/6 teams. Each division play on a two year cycle with the teams playing each other both home and away.  The leagues are currently playing in a 2012-2014 period.

I had the fortune to watch a majestic Rugby display by Latvia as the secured a 27-15 home must win against Denmark. Latvia compete in Division 2B against Israel, Serbia, Denmark and Andorra.

Neighboring Lithuania compete in a Division higher – 2A, against Croatia, Malta, Holland and Switzerland. Should Lithuania win their league, in 2015, they will be promoted to Division 1B to encounter the emerging powerhouses of European Rugby…Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sweden and surprisingly Moldova.  Moldova were runners up in 2011, level on 18 points with Belgium. However Belgium had a greater points difference hence earned themselves promotion in to Division 1.

The current European Cup champions are Georgia, who won the 2011 first division.   Romania, Spain, Russia and Portugal also are playing for this top spot in European Nations Cup Rugby and it certainly provides an excellent platform for European Rugby to develop so that these nations can compete at the highest level.

Currently there is no intention to promote or relegate between the European Nations Cup and the Six Nations. Georgia, Russia and Romania established themselves as a force to be reckoned with during the 2011 World Cup in New Zealand and there is certainly a very strong case to suggest that combining the 6 nations and European Nations Cup would not be a bad thing.

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