How To Cure Post Vacation Blues

Just got back from a lovely vacation and dread going back to work and your normal routine?

Don’t worry we all get the Post Vacation Blues sometimes. And to help you get quicker back on your feet we have collected some tips on how to cure it:

1. Get home one day earlier

Most of us book our vacations so that we arrive home the day (or even night) before we have to be back in the office. Of course this is a great way to get the most out of your hard earned vacation days, but getting back one day earlier, so that you have a morning to sleep in a bit, unpack and fix what needs to be done at home and have time to mentally prepare to get back to work, is very helpful in handling the transition between holiday and work.

2. Make a change in your life

Even if it’s just a small one. Lets face it, one reason why we enjoy vacation so much is because it’s a break in our regular, habit driven everyday life. But life doesn’t have to look the same every day just because you are back to work. Make a change in your life. Start a new hobby, take a different way home from work, do something spontaneous in the middle of the week. You will see, it will quickly take away the boredom of a strict every day life.

3. Go for day trips and weekends close by

A vacation doesn’t  have to be to a far away place or a tropical beach. Why not take a weekend, or a Sunday afternoon to explore the area around you. Usually we tend to forget to appreciate the city or area that we live in – but there are probably tons of things to see and do. Go for a picnic in the nature, visit a museum you haven’t been to or just go out for a dinner in a neighbouring city.

4. Start planning your next holiday

Studies show that we experience 7 % of our holiday happiness while booking the trip and a whole 67% planning, preparing and waiting for the trip. So start looking searching and planning for your next vacation and the post vacation blues will soon be gone.

5. Just relax

Allow yourself to be a bit down and out of it for a couple of days.  Your colleagues and friends will understand you. Because as we all know, the post holiday blues will pass. And if it doesn’t, then maybe it’s time for a real life changing decision. As marketing guru Seth Godin once said: “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”



We were confused. BOSI DNA? Are we going to listen about molecules and double helix DNA? What we were in for was much more interesting.

Seminar on BOSI profile was hosted by Joe Abraham who developed the idea of BOSI through years of entrepreneurial experience. Basically the idea is that every entrepreneur has one of the four BOSI characteristics more pronounced and this indefinitely marks the style of your business.

B – builder: high-scale, infrastructure oriented, controlling

O – opportunist: optimist, quick money, lack of focus

S – specialist: expert, single industry, weak in lead generation

I – innovator: creative, on a mission, weak in leading

These behavioural cues can give you an idea what you’re best at and what are your weaknesses. Not only can you apply this to yourself, but also to your business partner. This kind of approach makes doing business much more comprehensive and effectively easier. Figure out who you are with BOSI Assessment….

and begin using your strengths to your advantage and fix your weaknesses by surrounding yourself with the right people.

All of a sudden entrepreneurship didn’t look like a vast land of scarce luck and hidden chances, but more like an urban jungle – vibrant, but logical. We went straight back to the office and figured out or BOSI DNA. Once we’ve had it all figured out, we devised our business strategy according to that. Naturally, every business strategy takes time to prove effective or ineffective, but so far we’re quite supportive of BOSI as a useful tool for good quality entrepreneurship.

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