Are Travel Brochures a waste of energy?



Having returned from IMEX 2014 yesterday with a handful of business cards, some inspirational ideas and energised by the rekindling of relationships – I noticed that whilst unpacking I did not have a single brochure.  I strongly believe Travel Brochures are a waste of time, money, energy and most importantly trees!

Every stand I visited, I insisted on not taking their brochure for 3 key reasons:

1) save me the effort of carrying them
2) if I am interested in working with you I would expect to be able to view all the information online. The website I can view from your business card.
3) I believe that all companies should aim to work in a more sustainable fashion – printing large brochures does not support this ideology.

I would be very interested to hear from people who share my sentiments and also whose hotel rooms in Frankfurt looked like the picture above when !

In my opinion a business card is a personification of yourself and your company. In modern day terminology, it could be considered a ‘Printed Tweet’! The more intuitive, creative and innovative that you can be on this printed platform the more interest you will gain from your prospective partners. This is the printed material that people definitely take home ! Business cards are cheaper, create less waste and save trees!

Please find below 2 examples of Business Cards Travel Out There use:

Creative Business Cards, Business Card ideas,

Travel Out There’s Business Cards

In these designs we aimed to highlight 2 key values that Travel Out There abide by: Professionalism and that we are Personal.  By clicking on this link you can view other images we have used to represent our key values.

Why not save on your brochure printing budget and invest more in business cards?  For more some more ideas of great business cards check out this link.