Travel Out There Tip 2 – Destructive Innovation

Travel Out There Tip 2

This week we take a look at Destructive Innovation. Can one over innovate an idea, product, service or even a business to the point where it becomes destructive?

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Can one over innovate an idea, product, service or even a business to the point where it becomes destructive? I learnt very early on at school during an art class it is important to leave some  ‘paper white’ on your painting to help it breathe! Overworking the painting, striving for perfection often had dire consequences.

More often than not – Tech Start Ups correlate their ‘success’ by how much funding they have secured to pay for extra co-working desk space for development.

But questions i would recommend team to ask themselves;

Are we losing touch with users / end customer’s needs and wants?

Are we creating products, features and services that we think would be great but our clients are not that bothered by?

Are we trying to scale our product for the mass rather than finding our niche and loyal customer base, our fans who we should care about serving most attentively….talking and most importantly listening to?

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Who are our star customers – and how can we serve them best?

Perhaps this extra funding might be better spent in engaging with our current client base and letting them give an insight in to what is important?

When to stop developing and begin engaging?

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Travel Out There Tip 1 – Less is More

Travel Out There Tip 1

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Last week we talked about Stuff. How to sort it and keep only the best stuff – Because in the end ‘less is more’, and the less choices you have the more confident and happy you will be with the choice you made. Check out the video below:


Transcript from the video

At times of change one realizes how much crap you have accumulated over a period of time.

Whether at home or in business, it is  a great opportunity to lose the baggage and pick up your tools. To only keep what you value and what is most useful.

Seth Godin – a personal hero of mine – strikes a great analogy.

Imagine your business or your house being a fish monger….if you were to keep hold of all your produce – within a few days you will start putting of all your customers and friends with the awful stench of rotten fish.

At Travel Out There we have learnt to curate our content. Currently we have 120 experiences across 14 destinations published…..and over 960 Experiences unpublished.

Simple reason being Less is More. It is like when you go in a restaurant and you receive a menu that is so thick that it is almost too heavy to hold. How does it make you feel? For me it makes me feel lethargic, incapable of making a decision and lazy… opting for the waiter to make that decision for me.

But when the choice is limited – you feel inspired, energetic and confident in your decision making!

Click here to check out a great TED talk about this topic made by Barry Schwartz – Paradox of Choice.