Travel Out There Tip 3 – Disconnect to Reconnect.

This week’s Travel Out There Tip is about the ‘connective addiction’ we all seem to suffer from these days and how it is time that we Disconnect to Reconnect!

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Transcript from video

Today I would like to introduce you to Travel Out There’s latest fashion accessary – the Realitat!

The Realitat is designed to help those who have the obsessive compulsive disorder of checking one’s phone every minute of the day!

In 10 years time might ‘connective addiction’ have the same detrimental effects to relationships and society as other addictions or vices such as alcohol, gambling or drugs?

After all, many people turn to their digital world to escape from their real one!

In a society where being able to ‘connect’ is considered a human right and meeting venues, hotels and even destinations are being chosen for their WIFI capabilities rather than their inspirational or unique qualities.

Are we not forgetting the basics of making a good first impression and social etiquette.  Fully engaging with the moment, people and surroundings – reality is where it is at!

Balance is the key to manage and optimise one’s time on and off line. Why not experiment with digital detox for a few days and see what impact it has. Or even simply limiting or compartmentalising your time for online activities in your day?

One has to disconnect to reconnect!

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