Make your own Winter Olympics!

The Winter Olympics is only two weeks away and impatient for it to start we at Travel Out There decided to put together our very own Winter Olympics – perfect for you and your friends or colleagues to challenge each other in!

Un-athletic as we are we have made it a bit easier than the original one, so this will suit you perfectly even if the closest thing to exercise you got the last year was walking to your car in the morning. And the best thing of all is that this activity is available in most of our destinations!

So without further ado, let us present:


Snowball Biathlon
Just like the real thing, but without riffles and skis!  Ok, so not really like the real thing – but we guarantee it’s a lot more fun! You get a set of snowballs, there are a bunch of targets set up within running distance from each other. Whoever finishes first and hits the most targets wins. Ready, set, GO!


Freestyle Sleighing and Sleigh Jumping
Put on your helmet and head out for some freestyle sleighing. Fly over jumps, try spinning around, see who can go the fastest or the furthest. Only your imagination, and our safety instructions, can stop you!


Speed Igloo building
Not a part of the original Winter Olympics program, but this sure is a skill that will always come in handy! Building an igloo is not that hard, but it does require good team work, creativity and technical thinking. Who will finish first and which one is the better built? Only time will tell!


Snowball fight
Although not a real Olympic Games sport, it ought to be! This is like the most fun thing you can do with snow. Split up in two teams, build your trench or protection wall and start! The team that manages to hit everyone in the other team first wins. Snowball fight!


Now this is the real thing! Curling was actually a part of the first Winter Olympics in 1924 already, but then disappeared and didn’t have a comeback until 1988. This highly addictive sport makes for a perfect team building activity, so get ready to swipe and slide your day away! No idea how to curl? No problem, you will get a tutorial and a curling professor to help you get the hang of it!


So what are you waiting for? Awake that inner child in you, that use to play in the snow for hours until his hands got red and numb and rediscover the magic of snow with Travel Out There. Click here to book it!

Meanwhile check out these crazy guys practicing their Extreme Sleighing: