When does an activity become a team build?

At Travel Out There, we believe that potentially any group activity can become a team building experience with the added fundamental element of a post event debrief.

Different activities can focus on developing varying levels of Key Out Comes. Some examples of team building outcomes:
• embrace creativity
• support managing change
• improve communication
• raise moral by having some fun

By identifying the desired key outcomes, the facilitator can tailor the Team Building experience accordingly. The strength or level of team building is also then established and this is reflected by hardness or softness of the experience.

Hard Team Building experiences, one could say become ‘corporate training’, have very extensive and detailed debriefs to evaluate performance and areas for development. The debriefs can be in the form of 1-2-1 assessments and written reports based on findings. Where as softer experiences tend to work on less formal approaches where group team discussions and simulated networking opportunities naturally leads to improved communication and increased morale.

When does an activity become a team build and then a training

When does an activity become a team build and then a training

The key role of the facilitator  is to ensure that the activity has been tailored to the clients needs and that they are equipped with the right tools to monitor the team’s performance in accordance with the desired outcomes. Great Team Building Facilitators simply know what the right questions to ask, whether in printed or verbal format. Encouraging participants to share the challenges they faced, both as a team and as individuals and explain how they overcame them. They can incorporate some form of award ceremonies where teams can be rewarded for excellence.

We have created a Team Building Barometer that you can view by clicking here. This helps you decide on what team building activity is most suitable for your team!


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