The binge drinking generation is starting to grow up.

The media might have to re-look at the image they paint of groups of drunken men flying out on low cost airlines to places like Riga, Tallinn and Budapest for the weekend.
Instead of stag parties and sports tours spending their entire foreign sojourn sat in pubs and strip clubs the tide has turned with these groups now demanding something more meaningful and indeed, memorable from their trip.
If you visit Latvia you can experience the thrill of the bobsleigh (even during the summer), in Prague shoot an AK-47, in Budapest de-tox in a spa and wellness complex and in Tallinn play ice cricket.
The new generation of young men are interested in all kinds of adventures and experiences ranging from the bizarre, through activities such as Ice Fishing in Vilnius, to the high-class such as attending world-class opera at Riga’s National Opera House.

Every week Travel Out There delivers a whole host of interesting, strange and wonderful activities to foreign tourists in Europe. After all we are your number one experience agency! These people do not spend all their time sat in pubs and it is time the popular press realized this.

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