The Death of Traditional Sightseeing

Traditional sightseeing is dying. Because let’s face it, why would you want to spend your money and time on passively following around a tedious guide, or just sitting on your behind in an open-tour bus and watch the main sightseeing points from a far?

Traveling is about experiencing, no matter if you do it for leisure or business purposes. And the only way to truly experience something is through interaction.

That is why interactive sightseeing, combined with gaming and team building makes for a fresh and great solution.

Picture this:

You and your team are handed a tablet with an interactive map of the city. The main goal is to answer correctly on as many questions as possible within the given time. Each question is marked on the map but only appears once you are at the exact spot, meaning you will get the perfect sightseeing walk of the city while finding the questions.


The question could be of different kinds:

  • Place specific, for example: “Who does the statue on the right portray?” where you will get to learn more about the city and its history.
  • Interactive, as in “What is the name of this place in the local language?” where you will have to interact with the locals
  • Company specific, developed together with your company. It could be on the topics from an earlier workshop, a video message from the boss or questions about products etc.



Apart from being a fresh and exciting way to explore an destination it is also the perfect team building activity, as it is built up around the following learning points:

  • Defining effective processes to solve the problems
  • Discovering the power of a common team language
  • Responding quickly and efficiently to change in order to win the overall challenge
  • Increasing effective communication
  • Improving team effectiveness


  • Highlight focus and commitment
  • Empower individuals
  • Set team standards

We provide the City Code Game in all of our destinations.

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