The 10 Weirdest Museums in Europe

Forget Louvre, Anne Franks house, Guggenheim and the British museum …. and leave way for hotdogs, funeral vehicles and burning souls. Here are Europe’s top ten strangest museums!

1. Museum of Lawnmowers, Southport, England


The name pretty much sums it up. This is a museum about lawnmowers. As their website suggests: “Why not book a guided tour and learn more of the extraordinary history of the garden machine industry.” Well yes, why not?!


2. Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia


” A Cell Phone, July 12, 2003 – April 14, 2004. 
It was 300 days too long. He gave me his cell phone so I couldn’t call him any more.”

This could very well be one of the most heart-breaking exhibitions in the world. A whole museum dedicated to failed relationships and their ruins.


3. Museum of Devils, Kaunas, Lithuania


Need some inspiration for your nightmares? Then this is where you should be heading. The museum feature a collection of around 3000 sculptures and carvings of devils, as well as a collection of devils from all around the world.


4. Museum of Holy Souls in Purgatory, Rome, Italy


If your nightmares didn’t get enough inspiration from the devil museum than this will do the trick. According to Catholic belief Purgatory is the burning place where souls go to pay for their sins before they are allowed in to heaven and this museum holds evidence of objects marked by the hands of burning souls in purgatory.


5. Museum of Funeral Carriages, Barcelona, Spain


Next time you visit Barcelona and get tired of the stunning Gaudi architecture, world class art and the long, alluring coastline, this is where you ought to be heading. Down into a basement filled with old funeral carriages, manned by dolls dressed in timely clothes.



6. Kattenkabinet, Amsterdam, Holland

A whole museum dedicated to the important subject of the role of the cat in art. Say no more, we are already convinced!


7. Currywurst museum, Berlin, Germany


We already dedicated a whole post to this popular fast food snack, so of course the Currywurst museum has a given place on this list. If you’re not a big fan of the hot dog, than at least go there for the opportunity to to sit down on that awesome currywurst shaped sofa.


8. Corpus museum, Amsterdam, Holland

Ever wondered what a human would look like if you would be small as a bug and walk around inside it? Then we are pleased to tell you that your dream has come true! During a 55 minutes tour you will get to discover every inch of the inside of the human body.


9. Carrot museum, Berlotte, Belgium


This might not only be one the strangest museums in Europe, but perhaps the most boring one. But hey, if the currywurst gets a museum why can’t the carrot get one? Located in a small belgian village, it’s actually not even a real  museum. It’s a window, with an exhibition that rotates by pushing a button.


10. Toilet museum, Kiev, Ukraine

Allegedly Europe’s only museum dedicated to the history of toilets. Here you can learn all you ever needed to know about the history of toilets, familiarize yourself with the first water closet and the latest japanese toilet technic. Still not impressed? Well then head to the gift shop and pick up one of the useful toilet souvenirs such as a toilet shaped lighter or a toilet-sitting, marijuana-smoking Bob Marley statue.


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