How To Make Your Mobile Battery Last Longer While Traveling

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Being in a line of work that gets you traveling and going places can be a double-edged sword: on the one hand, the experience of seeing the world (or at least the country) can be extremely rewarding; on the other, it can bring you copious amounts of stress, especially when you need to manage your work while on the road. Thanks to the smartphone, traveling for work has become much easier, but what are some ways to make sure that your smartphone lasts as long as you do while out on the road?

Gadget Choice

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most obvious, and when it comes to getting your phone to last longer on your business trips, right in the core is the phone itself. When choosing a smartphone to use for business, always consider its expected battery life. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just get the latest smartphone, as many users of the newly released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have revealed. After encountering crippling battery life problems with their phones running on the latest version of iOS, various websites have come out with solutions – small “hacks” that can help extend the futuristic phone’s battery life.

Some phones are also better-equipped for travel than others. According to O2, the latest instalment of Samsung’s flagship series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, comes equipped with a Fast Charging feature that charges a phone’s battery life from 0% to 50% within half an hour. This feature is perfect for those trips when you only have a few minutes at each location, and can’t afford to spend a lot of time charging your phone.

It’s important to note that just because larger phones pack larger batteries, it doesn’t mean that they will last longer. They also use up more juice, and often, the extra features also contribute to the shorter battery life. Which brings us to…

Gadget Use

The way you use your smartphone obviously impacts how long the battery will last. If you’re always making calls or also use your business phone for recreation (those long plane rides can be quite boring!), then you’re bound to drain your battery faster than someone who only uses it for checking emails. There are, however, some small things you can do to help ease the consumption of your battery:

1. Turn the Brightness Down

Most people don’t pay attention to this feature of their phone, but you can actually set the brightness levels on your phone’s screen manually. Adjusting it to a lower setting helps cut down on power consumption, and it lessens the strain on your eyes too, so you can use your phone for longer periods without worrying about straining your eyes!

2. Shut Off Your Apps

Just because you’ve swiped out of an app doesn’t mean it’s stopped running! Always check your Task Manager to see if there are any unwanted apps running in the background, as these continue to use up battery life, even if you’re not using them anymore! Remember, once those apps start piling up, not only will they eat away at your battery, they’ll also bog your phone down by eating away at its memory! It helps to install an app like the DU Battery Saver, which keeps track of these apps for you.

3. Always Update!

Every so often, your phone’s developers might release an update to their operating systems, and these updates aren’t always free. Sometimes, it depends on your wireless carrier, or your phone’s manufacturer, and you might have to go out of your way to get an update installed. Whether it costs you some of your hard-earned cash or a trip to your local service provider, always stay up to date on these, because they often contain bug fixes and system improvements that could help your phone last longer!

Do you use any other apps to help keep track of your battery usage, or do you have some life hacks of your own? Let us know in the comments!


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