Travel Out There Tip 4 – Partnership

Time again for our weekly Travel Out There tip. This week’s topic: Partnerships- The Good, the Great and the god damn Ugly!

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Transcript from the video

Partnerships are made and broken every minute of the day.  In the office, at home, over email, in churches, cross boarders and in the playground. Whatever the partnership and where ever it is made I believe the fundamental reason of why some partnerships work and others not is very simple.

Partnerships primarily breakdown because expectations are not being met.  More often, than not these expectations are not ‘mapped out’ or understood before the partnership is established.  This leads to frustration, conflict and in general an ‘ugly’ unison.

Having a clearly defined and precise service level agreement or ‘good faith agreement’ helps both parties work towards the mutual goals  of the partnership.

But when can a good partnership become great! This is when each side aims to not meet, but exceed, the established expectations. When one side puts more effort in to pleasing the other than oneself.  Understand the value proposition and amplify, whenever and wherever possible, this is when the magic begins and great partnerships blossom!

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