The Baby, the Boss and the Brand – The Travel Out There Journey

The Baby, the Boss and the Brand – The Travel Out There Journey
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Posted by on December 13, 2016

Disruptivetechnology copy

Travel Out There has always been a Disruptive Innovation since the company was formerly established in 2006. Please find below a bite sized overview of our exciting journey to date.



Our First Logo to promote Bar and Club Excursions and Daytime Activities

Sharing Great Experiences with New Connections and having fun!

In 2005, Austin landed on Baltic shores and started a ‘hobby business’ to connect with & have some fun with backpackers. Managing Bar and Club Excursions for Backpackers in Riga was a great way to spend the weekend and earn some pocket money.

Riga Bar And Club copy

Getting Paid to Party – ‘Riga Out There’ in its infancy.

The Ryan Air Revolution.

2006-2010.  In 2007, RyanAir launched direct flights to Riga. This created a huge demand for activities and experiences attractive for Group Leisure market in Riga.  We never set out to ‘cater’ for the Bachelor Party market…but we were in the right place at the right time to manage this segment.

Riga Out ThereTallinn Out There

Vilnius Out There



reliving legends copy

Without a doubt the best New Year’s Eve Party Riga has ever witnessed!

Our Network of Competence is your Confidence!

2010-2013.  Expansion plan begins, both on a personal and professional front.  Tallinn, Vilnius, Berlin, Belgrade primary targets by monitoring Ryan Air and Wizz Air’s flight expansion plan.  We also ran a great party in Riga for New Year’s Eve 2010. It was a floating music festival!!

Henry TOT copy

New Baby – New Brand!!

Raising Team Spirit (as well as our standards).

2013-2015.  I wanted to build a brand that I would be happy to recount to my son later in life. A brand with a legacy and meaning.  I felt a change was required and we had to really push the Travel Out There brand up the value chain.

Utilising our valuable knowledge, experience and network of event architects we made the shift from operating as a B2C  to a B2B business. Our core objective to promote and develop more of a connected culture for our clients by providing memorable team building experiences in Riga and in all of our other destinations. Helping to develop a greater sense of team spirit and raising morale within the organisation.

Hence the development of our new, more corporate brand, the Travel Out There TiPi. For more information about how we came up with this design click here

Travel Out There copy

The Travel Out There TiPi

Sharing Great Experiences with Great People to Attract Top Talent.

2015 – 2017.   It is quite funny that we have almost gone full circle in terms of the driving force behind our service.  We no longer solely provide bar and club excursions, but our tailor made Travel, Training and Team Building solutions are still focussed on having fun and connecting people.

We have developed and trained our network of event mangers to become Travel Out There Trust architects, helping employers value their number one resource, their workforce and for growing companies to attract talent. By working with Travel Out There, clients not only value the ROI of building great teams. Our clients give us the feedback that the stories, shared experiences and content we provide helps attract talent as it is evident you invest in the well being of your staff.


The baby, boss and brand have all grown up!!

Our Goal – You must Experience it to Believe it!

The Future: Our brand has changed and matured over the years, but one thing that will always remain the same, Travel Out There’s slogan. ‘Experience it to Believe it!’.   With Travel Out There we will always be providing experiences to help create connected cultures that are tailored to exceed expectations.  The Travel Out There Team aim to please because we care!