Travel Out There Tip 9

This week we discuss how smart smart phones are. Or rather how smart we are using our smart phones all the time.



Transcript of the video

Time and attention are the commodities that everyone seems to be fighting for these days. Therefore I would like to sincerely thank you all for taking the time to hear me out!

If i was to sit here and be talking to you holding this book in my face it would seem disrespectful and impolite right?  Is this any different?!   

Please take a moment to think how smart you are continually using your precious smart phone. My greatest mentor, my dad, still refuses to possess a mobile phone. A feat that i hugely respect him for…he meets you at the time he states, he does what he says and enjoys reading a newspaper.

I have ‘UnSmarted’ myself since we have started Trooving.  Troving means Traveling, Moving and Living. I will talk to you about this another day.

But I have gone from this (a smart phone) to this (an un-smart phone)!

So what is the impact?

More time to think and more importantly dream!

I have rekindled some hobbies such as photography, writing and sketches.  carrying around this MYPAD rather than an IPAD.

Most importantly made me appreciate the moment more and the people i am with.

These phones are designed for talking nothing else…which really simplifies life, doesn’t it?

Plus the battery last much longer, so you don’t have to worry about charging your phone all the time.

Why not think about un-smarting?

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