Why we need to take things slower

Many of you have perhaps already seen this great video, but if you haven’t then take a look now:

First of all let’s make it clear, we are no haters of technology and all the wonderful things it has done for us. We are mostly an internet based company and without Skype and e-mails we would not be able to keep our network together.

75% sleep with their phones

What we are against is the over-use of tech devices and the abundance of content that is being created and fed to us daily. Do you know that 90% of all the data in the world has been created during the last two years? 90%! And that the average person today spends more than 4 hours staring in to a phone or tablet.

We are constantly receiving information, and even the places that used to be the most sacred, like the bedroom or the toilet have today been invaded by technology. 3 our of 4 people admit using their phone while on the toilet and 2 our of 3 keep their phone next to them while sleeping.

Internet and smart phones has created a need to constantly be reachable and always stay updated. No place is no longer free from distraction and the fact that we are never bored is a hazard to our health and creativity (read our previous post about this).


Trend to taking it slow

At the same time we see a huge trend heading the other way. Cooking from scratch, slow cooking, baking sourdough bread has been a huge trend around Europe for years now, and are all activities that  require many hours of concentration and care.

Courses in mindfulness and meditation are being held everywhere (Google even have their own Head of Mindfulness) and the DIY trends in arts and crafts and home decoration can be found all over the internet. In countries like Sweden and UK we see a trend of people moving away from the hectic cities to a quieter life on the countryside.

Furthermore, an article recently published by BBC shows that this year the sale of vinyl records has been the highest in 18 years.  Although this might be a ‘hipster trend’ as the article implies, we believe that this also shows a longing for something else. Something beyond internet, something that has to be listened to as a whole, and that can’t be fastforwarded. It’s also the pure pleasure of physically holding something in your hand, rather than simply enjoying it virtually.


Take charge!

Today’s world is moving so fast and the demand and need we fell to constantly be connected has even coined a new diagnosis (FOMO – Fear of missing out syndrome). We say it is time we take charge of our lives and minds!

Start by taking some time to reflect over the impact internet and technology has on your life. Just lift your head up from the screen of your smart phone and look around. Go for a walk in the evening rather than staring in to the latests twitter feed, play with your kid instead of entertaining them with an Ipad, and stop reading news in bed and spend that time talking to your partner lying next to you. We promise it will make you feel better!


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