Woken up by a stranger – new ways to connect!

At Travel Out There we aim to take connections to another level. Change the environment, the setting and the way we meet. Create situations and atmospheres that will make it easier to connect, and to connect on a more meaningful level. Be it with your colleagues, friends, clients, or potential buyers.

That is why we are found of the new Wakie-app.  It is taking something as simple as an alarm clock and turning it into a social interaction.phone-windows

The app works just as a normal alarm clock. You set the time you want to wake up, but instead of being woken up by a hideous ringing, you get woken up by a stranger. That is, a stranger that is also using the app.

You can choose to be a Wakie (the one making the call) or a ‘Sleepyhead’ (the one that gets woken up). The call only lasts for 60 seconds, and no personal data is shared, i.e. you don’t see the phone number of the one you are calling or the one calling.

People that have tried the app says that they are now looking forward to the mornings and being woken up by a friendly voice from another part of the world. It is also an effective way to wake up, as you immediately need to focus on holding a polite conversation with the person on the other line of the phone. After 60 seconds of conversation you will not be able to fall back asleep that easy.

Follwoing up on our recent post about us having to learn to disconnect from technology and internet more often, this is a nice example of a good tech-invention. One that helps you connect with people,  but doesn’t occupy your time and attention.


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