Why book with a DMC?


 To book direct, or not to book direct: that is the question

When you are planning an incentive or corporate event abroad, you might find yourself thinking “Why should we book with a local DMC when we can find so much information and book by ourselves over Internet? “What is the real value of booking with a ground handling company?”

Those are two very good and relevant questions! We now live in a ‘connected world’ and it is quite easy to source direct contact details of hotels, restaurants, venues and activity providers in the destination online.  But by arranging all this yourself you are missing out on the key value of using a local DMC, namely their local knowledge! In this article we hope to shed some light on the benefits of using a local DMC and help you choose what options is the best for you!

But first let’s have a quick look at our philosophy.

“Transparency is the new currency of trust”

At Travel Out There we believe in giving our clients as much information as possible.  Albert Einstein quoted that “The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience”. All of the Travel Out There team are highly experienced in the Tourism and Events industry and are very keen to share their knowledge with you! From the moment you arrive on our website, throughout the booking process and during you experience with Travel Out There.

We accept that we generate two types of browser to our website – ‘The Researcher and The Purchaser’.   It is obvious that we are always eager to turn a researcher in to a purchaser but the Travel Out There team is happy to inform the researcher as much as possible about the destination.  We believe that primarily Travel Out There are promoting each of our destinations and secondly the Travel Out There experiences in the respective city. We hope that the information you find on our website might encourage you to visit the destination for your corporate event. Hence developing a desire and a trust that the destination is suitable for your event.


The benefits of a Local DMC

Whether you have visited the city before or it is completely unknown to you, we have listed some fundamental reasons why you should seriously consider booking with a Local Ground Handler.

Local Knowledge

Living, working and experiencing the destination as all our local experts do day to day it is evident that they:

a) know more than you do
Besides knowing the city, what’s hot and not, and staying updated with newly opened places, all of the Travel Out There Event Managers have inspected the hotels, eaten at the restaurants, managed events in various venues and experienced all the activities. As Travel Out There’s slogan states you have to ‘Experience it to Believe it’. Before any service is included on our website it has to be checked out to guarantee that it is up to standard for all of our valued clients.



b) they are better connected than you

Our local event managers have many years of experience in the travel and event management industry both in their countries and abroad. Meaning, they know whom to call to make your special request and ideas possible, get that extra good price or book that otherwise inaccessible venue.

c) they have access to benefits you can’t get otherwise and can often beat any other prices available

Having the assistance of Travel Out There Local Expert can also make you an instant VIP through the connections that we have made working in the MICE industry for such a long time.  We will always work hard on your behalf with our contacts to grant free room upgrades, hard to get restaurant reservations, cutting lines, access to otherwise closed experiences, exhibitions and private guides.


Booking with a local DMC will also

Save you time

Ask yourself: How valuable is your time? The time it takes to co-ordinate a corporate event, dealing with multiple providers, in a foreign language, as well as international call charges you begin to realize that booking with a local partner will actually save you both money and time!

Provide a safety net

After you have planned everything, a local manager provide a safety net during your trip that you simply won’t get by booking yourself or buying insurance. Our event managers assure that all of the activities and venues are well arranged and live up to expected standard. In other word, there will be no unpleasant surprises. And if something unexpected should happen, a last minute cancellation or bad weather for your outdoor activity, our local managers will always have a back up plan ready and prepared.

Give you a tailor made experience:

At Travel Out There we do not believe in selling bespoke packages or off the shelf experiences. We like to give our clients exciting incentive ideas and inspirational concepts that we then work closely with you to tailor make a proposal to your exact needs and requirements. We specialize in creating and forming unique team building activities, and we can make basically any activity in to a team building experience (read our previous post how we look at team building)




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