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General Information

The size of Slovakia is 49 035 km², 5.41 million of people are living in Slovakia,

the current president is Ivan Gasparovic.

Slovakia is member of the EU, Citizens from EU, USA, New Zealand, Canada

or Australia do not need a visa to enter the country (for a stay up to 90 days).

The official language in Slovakia is Slovak, Learn useful phrases in Slovak




The currency in Slovakia is the Euro




112 is the single European emergency phone number, available everywhere in the EU, free of charge.




Combine a visit to the beautiful Baltic Pearl with a medical health check




The airlines flying direct to Bratislava are : Air Slovakia, Danube Wings, RyanAir, Czech Airlines, Sky Europe and Central Charter Airlines.



Public Transportation

You can travel around Bratislava by bus, trolley and tram.

You can find out more about it by checking the map of public transportation in Bratislava.



Popular Sports

The popular sports in Bratislava are the Ice Hockey and Football.

Find out more about  Ice Hockey and Football in Bratislava.





Don't forget to check the weather in Bratislava!