Will receive:


  • Venue and Staging
  • PA System and lighting
  • Catering
  • Awards and guest speakers
  • Entertainment

Want to Encourage: 


Motivation. Reward teams and individuals for excellence


Networking. Engage and socialise with your colleagues


CommitmentTo effective management and Innovation.  Opportunity for Guest Speakers or CEO to inspire. 


You need a TOT Award Ceremony. Success is making those that believed in you look brilliant! 


Every company likes to reward their employees, one of the best ways to do this is with a private awards ceremony. Maybe you have just celebrated the end to a good year, or you have many regional offices and wish to bring everyone together to show your appreciation? Either way this is a great way to promote your company or brand directly to the people that matter.  A favourite of ours is to run the award ceremony on a boat as part of a floating celebration river cruise! 


Meet Bjorn, The Boss who believes that looking after your staff, they will look after your customers.


We often use this opportunity to present the prizes to the winning teams, from the Travel Out There Incentive, and to showcase any films or photographs captured during your Travel Out There experience.  Travel Out There can arrange the purchase of valued gifts or awards for your colleagues that are suitable for your requirements.  


We will work closely with you find the venue that best suits your company’s and the actual event's specific needs. We then work together with both you and the venue to ensure the smooth running of the ceremony from the conceptualisation stage through to the completion of the highly successful event itself. With imaginative proposals and expert knowledge of where the best venues, we can tailor and offer you and your clients an unrivaled events experience.
We provide regular updates at each stage of your booking so you are always aware of how things are going, this also allows you to make small changes where needed. All bookings are done with your companies privacy in mind and contracts are always signed with confidentiality agreements.
When you decide to use Travel Out There as your events management team we can promise that you will get that little bit more for you money, our philosophy is to always make sure our clients are not only satisfied, but very satisfied.
If you looking for a company that will go just that little bit further than the rest, congratulations, you have found us.