Will receive:

  •  1,5-2 hours interactive Bringo Rally,
  • Return transfer,
  • English speaking guide,
  • Snacks and refreshemnt after the rally

Duration (door to door):

3 hour(s)


Margaret Island is situated between Buda and Pest, it has remained an oasis of green and calm in the spreading city. Ornamental gardens, Thermal Baths, small Zoo, Ruins of Monastery from 13th century, Water Tower, nice Cafes
Restaurants are just some of the delights the Island has to offer.

BRINGO RACE on Margaret Island  (by special 4 wheel bicycles) 

At the start - teams get           

·       different coloured caps

·       map of the island

·       questionnaire with tasks

The group is divided into smaller teams-approx. 6-8 pax/team, and they travel together by bringos (2-3 bingos/team).  After briefing each team gets a map of the island (indicated the stations on it) and the race sheet with the tasks.

On certain route teams have to  bike through and find stations, where  they get the exercises, like darts, puzzle, looking for treasures, drawing on the asphalt, ping pong, basketball…

The goal is to accomplish the tasks the best way in the shortest time.  At the different stations  stationguards are helping & guiding the teams.

·       Prizing ceremony : after the programme and  snacks + soft drinks, mineral water  for the participants at the end of the activity.

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