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6 Unique Budapest Activities


Budapest Sightseeing

Travel Out There offers a wide range of specialized sightseeing tours. We guarantee that you can find something to suit everyone's interests, whether you are a lover of culture and history or thrilling adventures.


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Thermal baths

Budapest is the undefeated Capital of Spas and has 188 hot springs in Budapest alone. You simply cannot visit Hungary without a visit to one of its thermal baths.


Bringo Rally on Margaret Island

Race againts each other and solve fun tasks together while enjoying the beautiful oasis of the island in this interactive Bringo rally.


Dragon boat Sailing and Racing

Dragon boats has become one of the most popular water sports of today, and you will understand why once you embark on a race. Paddle down the Danube river and experience the beauty of Buda and Pest while practicing collaboration and communication in this fun and unusual team building activity.

A Taste of Budapest


Something Different

Find out what other unique activities you can do specifically in Barcelona. Experience the Tank Driving, the most thriling activity for the group of friends of colleagues, something that cannot be missed. Formula OneAirsoft CombatBeer Bike activities and many more is awaiting you.


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