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 Budapest rally on foot with full of fun!

In Teams of 5-6  persons.

 Briefing at the hotel. Each teams get a bag with questionnaire, route maps, tickets for public transportation.

 Teams have to answer the questions, talks to Hungarian people, use public transportation and collect the treasures at the stations.

 They start the rally  in different directions after each other.


During the Rally Teams will visit the downtown, Pedestrian Street, Danube Promenade.  Chain Bridge, Parliament square, Andrassy Avenue.


There are different stops  

  • Strudel House ( coffee and strudel tasting ) 
  • Wine House for wine tasting
  • Pálinka and Hungarian delicacy tasting 

-  that teams have to find,  where  they taste different , typical Hungarian food and drink. 


On every stops  the  teams will have to find the guidence needed to reach the next stop and collect the treasures.


After every location and all task is completed, the teams have to return to the finish line – a nice pub or a restaurant or to the hotel  -  where their scores will be counted.

After all team has finished and the scores are counted starts the prize giving ceremony.

The 1st team –  gets a small bottle of Hungarian Palinka or Wine  ( 1 bottle / each person of the Team )

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