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Budapest Thermal Baths are well known all over central Europe and, in more recent years, travellers returning to northern Europe and North America have spread the word about the health benefits that can be gained after visiting Budapest, as well as the simple leisurely pleasures of spending time in Budapest Spa Baths.

Many first-time visitors associate Budapest's baths with Soviet times as the system for using the baths seems rather antiquated to some. However, Budapest Spa Baths date back much further than this to the time of the Romans, who were as interested in Hungary for its thermal springs as much as for its geopolitical location.

New baths were constructed during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries by the Turkish. Rudas Baths Budapest, for example, are more than 450 years old and are well worth visiting if only to marvel at the incredible architecture. If you are suffering from joint problems or a medical complaint related to your bones then a visit or two here could well help to improve your overall health.

When considering What to Do Budapest we strongly advise our guests to consider a trip to at least one of the city's famous thermal baths. Budapest Spa Szechenyi and Gellert are particularly popular. Construction on Gellert began shortly before World War One and today the Old World grandeur of this world famous baths is apparent to all who visit here for health or pleasure. Gellert is mentioned in hundreds of books all over the world, including 1000 Places to See Before You Die, and we strongly advise you to join us for an afternoon at the baths.

Budapest Spa Szechenyi is officially the largest medicinal bath in all of Europe. This neo-Baroque masterpiece has countless indoor and outdoor baths and must also rate as one of the best places to enjoy a game of outdoor thermal bath chess!

Wellness Budapest extends beyond the Hungarian capital's world famous baths as a number of its upmarket hotels also boast excellent spa facilities. Budapest Out There Spa packages can be tailor made to include a stay at a luxury spa hotel along with several days of treatments at the city's world famous thermal baths. Please Contact us today if you would like us to put together a Budapest Spa package, specifically tailor made for your personal requirements.

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