00 44 208 123 2077
Will receive:

  • Transfer to and from the venue,
  • Zorbing for maximum 8 hours,
  • Ramp and professional staff,
  • Round of beer,
  • English-speaking guide.


  •  Price based on a minimum of 6 people


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    • Corporate Social Responsibility and cooking together
    • Each team starts the cooking of one meal course. The majority of the prepared meal is taken into delivery containers and transferred to the Hungaryan Maltese Charity Service
    • The food will be given out by the organisation to those, who really needs warm food. 
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    • Budapest rally on foot with full of fun!
    • Briefing at the hotel. Each teams get a bag with questionnaire, route maps, tickets for public transportation.
    • Teams have to answer the questions, talks to Hungarian people, use public transportation and collect the treasures at the stations. 
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    • 3-4 bars, pubs and clubs
    • 2 rounds of beer
    • English-speaking guide
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