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Duration (door to door):

2 hour(s)

Think of a regular board game. Like Snakes and Ladders. Imagine that the game-board is the city centre, game fields are virtual locations around you and game pieces are real people.  The game is all about getting from start to finish with as few steps as possible.


Game fields have the ladders and snakes attached to them.  Instead of throwing the dice players answer a question at every field they stop at.  Right answer moves team forward and wrong backward.


If team knows all the answers they can actually plan their way to finish by just answering right and wrong as needed.  That is, if they know all the answers. You only see the question when it is time and place to answer them.


This is not another scavenger hunt. What makes it different is the strategy component. 


Features that  make our lives as organisers much easier are built right into the system. During the game we can follow teams in real time.  And when you finish we have data for impressive finale. 


What also makes this game great is that we can TAILOR and CUSTOMISE the game to your exact needs, time schedules and even company branding. We can incorporate company logos in to the game and also include key questions about your company in to the game.


Travel Out There will also award prizes for the best teams as well as log and record photos taken during the game.


City Snakes and Ladders is perfect for ending a workshop or training day, since it is a combination of team training, knowledge and a great way to get to know your colleagues better. The game is also a good way to get to know the sights in the area in an unusual way. One idea that is very popular with our clients is to play the game to make more entertaining a walking transfer to a restaurant or gala dinner. An ideal opportunity to reward the winning teams.



  • Plan your route
  • Implement your plan
  • Review when something goes wrong
  • Define effective processes to solve the problems
  • Discover the power of a common team language 
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to change in order to win the overall challenge 
  • Increase effective communication
  • Improve team effectiveness


  • Highlight focus and commitment
  • Empower individuals
  • Set team standards
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