Visegrád is located to the north of Budapest – appr. 50 minutes drive by coach. It was the former royal residence and a great hunting area in the middle age.  

Knights’ tournament ( 1 hour )

A medieval programme organized all year long, performed by the Saint George Knightly Order in the open air theatre of the Lower Castle in Visegrád. The show is available for groups on demand from 30 attendees.

• Guests are welcomed by fanfare on arrival to the tournament.
• An introduction is told to the visitors about the history of the town and the castle, while visiting the Solomon’s Tower
• The roof terrace of the tower provides an excellent view of the Danube bend, welcome drinks are served here (wine, or cocktail with freshly baked salted cookies on request)
• The performance takes place on the tournament field located next to the tower. A king and a queen are selected from the guests, they are dressed in robes and crowned by the knights.
• On the call of the king, the knights march in and show their targeting and fighting skills with medieval weapons to the royal couple and their guests. The realistic face-to-face battles recall the courage and spirit of the medieval
knights in an exciting way with a bit of humour.
• Our open-air performances feature the royal falconer.
• At the end of the show, guests have the opportunity to try some of the weapons with the help of the knights.

The tournament will be organized in English.

The auditorium features a roof and cushioned seating capacity of 300 people, therefore it is available in all weather conditions.

After Knight’s Tournament starts the team-building activity.

Medieval team-building competition ( 1,5 hour ) in 6 smaller teams.
A team-building style competition is organized in connection with the Knights’ Tournament, where guests get to use different weapons of the age with the help of the knights.
• During the competition, guests are divided into teams and get clothes of different colours . Teams have to fight for points at different stations located in the Lower Castle.


• The stations of the team-building competition are the following: archery, targeting with spear, targeting with broadsword, shooting with battle star, fireball competition, riding the wooden horse, wreath throwing on the edge of sword

• During the competition, refreshment drinks are available between the stations • After calculating the total points of the teams, the results are announced and the awards are handed over to the winning team

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    • Return transfer with English speaking assistance
    • Training with English speaking instructors
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    • Refreshment
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    • Corporate Social Responsibility and cooking together
    • Each team starts the cooking of one meal course. The majority of the prepared meal is taken into delivery containers and transferred to the Hungaryan Maltese Charity Service
    • The food will be given out by the organisation to those, who really needs warm food.