Our wore-down old Trabis are making a good use also: they are the white canvas of our Trabant painting program. This gorgeous program contains elements of retro dancing (even on tops of the Trabis), retro fashion-show to the greatest hits of the 70’-es and 80’-es besides the major goal of our teamwork: to create the nicest and the most exciting composition with the tools at our disposal.

This program is loved by companies and could be a perfect choice for a 2-hour program.
There ill be smaller teams of maximum 10 pax. Each team has to paint their own Traby. 
 Please kindly find the Case Study of the Trabant Painting    
•             Client (company): COLLIDER LTD.
•             Country (where the client comes from): Great Britain
•             Group size: 37 pax
•             Dates: 06 December 2018. 
•             Services provided: (did it include transfers, hotels, dinners etc.) : Transfers, Guide assistance, Trabant Painting contest program,  meals, beverages. 
Photos of the event.
•             Testimonial
Hi Imola,
Thanks for everything it was a great day indeed and everyone enjoyed it, it was something so different to do and went so well.
It was fabulous success. They loved the music and the English speaking MC. 
Loved the photos you took...thank you for sending. (see above)
Many thanks,

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