• accuray_color_rgb.jpg

    • Client: ACCURAY International Sarl
    • Group size: 90 Pax
    • Destination:  Budapest
    • Date: 16th of February, 2016
    • Event: Cooking course and cocktail making workshop followed by dinner
  • APM-Terminals.png

    • Client: APM Terminals
    • Group size: 100 Pax
    • Dates: 11th November 2014
    • Destination:  Amsterdam
    • Event: Conference Workshop 
    • Services: Science of Persuasion workshop
  • bite.png

    • Client: BITE
    • Participants: 120 Pax
    • Dates: September 2010
    • Destination:  Riga
  • booking.png

    • Client: BOOKING-COM
    • Participants: 350 Pax
    • Destination: Berlin, Germany
    • Services: Graffiti workshop, Drum workshop
, Dance workshop
  • bytelife.png

    • Client: ByteLife
    • Participants: 11 Pax
    • Dates: 24th October
    • Destination:  Riga
  • Cabot.jpg

    • Client: Cabot Switzerland GmbH
    • Group size: 24 Pax
    • Dates: 10th of February, 2016
    • Destination:  Riga
    • Event: Curling and Best burger restaurant in Lativa "Zoste"
  • citroen.png

    • Client: Auto-Bon Oy / Citroën Finland
    • Project: Incentive 
    • Participants: 19 pax
    • Destination: Riga
  • coke logo.jpg

    • Client: Coca Cola Hellenic
    • Group size: 50 Pax
    • DestinationPrague
    • Dates15.11.2017
    • EventTeam Cooking
  • Codan-logos.jpg

    • Client:  Codan
    • Participants: 25 Pax
    • Destination:  Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Services: Team Building Incentives, Day Time Activties, Transfers and Catering Management
  • cms.png

    • Client: Creative Media Services
    • Participants: 22 Pax
    • Dates: September
    • Destination:  Riga
  • cvc.png

    • Client: CVC
    • Country: United Kingdom
    • Group size: 120
    • Dates: June 2016
    • Event: Gala dinner, company summer olympics, Segway Tour


  • cytec_logo1.png

    • Client: CYTEC
    • Group size: 200 Pax
    • Destination:  Riga, Latvia
    • Services: Catering Management, Venue preparation, Entertainment 
  • Edited.jpg

    • Client: Edited
    • Group size: 100 Pax
    • Destination: Lisbon
    • Dates: 21-25th August
    • EventFull Service Incentive
  • Endress Hauaser.jpg

    • Client: Endress & Hauser
    • Group size: 248 Pax
    • Destination: Madrid
    • Dates20-21.3.2018
  • gtz.png

    • Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH
    • Participants: 83 pax 
    • Destination: Tallinn
    • Duration: 9 Days / 11-19.09.2010
  • FWM.jpg

    • Client: Fast Web Media (London, UK)
    • Group size: 30 Pax
    • Destination:  Amsterdam
    • Services: Conference, Activities, Transfers
  • general_electricAviation_logo.jpg

    • Client: GE Aviation
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 19 pax
    • Destination: Budapest, Hungary 
    • Services: Cooking Course Experience: Transfer , guide assisitane, cooking course experience with dinner and unlimited drink consumption, apron and woodeen spoon as give away gift
  • general_electric_logo1.jpg

    • Client: GE Healthcare
    • Participants: 20
    • Dates: March 2014
    • Destination: Warsaw
  • Google_Logo.png

    • Client: Google
    • Participants: 120 Pax
    • Destination:  Warsaw, Poland
    • Services: Transfers, Daytime Activities, Dinners and VIP Club night
  • Hershey-s.png

    • Client: Hershey's
    • Group size: 25 Pax
    • Dates:  November 14-15, 2016
    • Destination:  Berlin
    • Event: Hershey’s Sales Distributor Forum
    • Services: Transfers, City Rallye, Bavarian Beer Banquet, Graffiti Workshop


  • hp_logo1.jpg

    • Client: Hewlett Packard
    • Participants: 16 Pax
    • Dates: 27th November - 1st December
    • Destination:  Georgia
  • logo_ienggroup.jpg

    • Client: IEng Group
    • Participants: 18 pax
    • Place: Barcelona, Spain
    • Date: March 2015
    • Event type: Meeting, Incentive: Accommodation in 5* hotel, Lunches, Team Building Activity: Tree Top Adventure, Laser Combat Game
  • Ifb.jpg

    • Client: B EFFECTIVE EVENT AGENCY on behalf of IFB
    • Group size: 300 Pax
    • DestinationRiga
    • Dates: June 2016
  • breuninger.png

    • Client: Beuninger
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 18 pax (German)
    • Destination: Riga
  • epson.png

    • Client: Epson
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 13 Pax
    • Dates: September 2010
    • Destination:  Riga


  • 800px-ING-Diba_Logo_2007svg Kopie1.png

    • Client: Incentive for ING-DiBa bank clients
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 70 pax / German
    • Destination: Riga, Latvia - Siauliai, Lithuania
    • Services: Transfers, meals, guided tours, and activities.
  • jansson.png

    • Contractor: World Of Adventure
    • Project: Incentive 
    • Participants: 13 pax (Danish)
    • Destination: Riga, Sigulda
  • nutricia logo.jpg

    • Client: Nutricia Polska
    • Project: Conference / Incentive
    • Participants: 135 pax
    • Destination: Tallinn, Estonia 
    • Services: Accommodation, conference rooms, dinners, tour in Tallinn, tour in Lahemaa, lunches, and transfers.
  • logo retriever1.JPG

    • Client: incentive for media monitoring company 'Retriever'
    • Project: Conference / Incentive
    • Participants: 80 pax / Norvegian and Swedish
    • Destination: Riga, Latvia 
    • Services: transfers, meals, conference assistance, daytime activtities and evening entertainment.
  • instant.png

    • Project: Team Building
    • Client: Instant Group
    • Participants: 32 pax (International)
    • Place: Riga
  • ISP logo11.JPG

    • Client: ISP
    • Project: Conference
    • Participants: 40 pax (Multinational)
    • Destination: Riga
  • jitscale.png

    • Client: Jitscale, Netherland
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 22 pax 
    • Destination: Riga
  • KPMG-logo1.jpg

    • Client: KPMG Denmark
    • Participants: 33 Pax
    • Dates: September 2012
    • Destination:  Riga
  • logo-lindorff21.jpg

    • Client: Lindorff
    • Participants: 53 and 63 Pax
    • Dates: September 2013
    • Destination:  Vilnius and Riga
  • McCan.jpg

    • Client: McCan World Group (McCan-Erickson EMEA Ltd)
    • Group size: 57 Pax
    • Dates: 27th Jaunary 2016
    • Destination:  Berlin
    • Event: Gourment Cooking Experience incl. Coctail Workshop
    • Services: Two transfers
  • neslte.jpg

    • Client: Nestlé
    • Group size: 40 Pax
    • Dates: 1-2 July 2014
    • Destination:  Berlin
    • Event: Incentive
    • Services: Transfers, City rally with award ceremony and catering.
  • NY-choral.png

    • Client: New York Choral Society
    • Country: United States
    • Group size: 95
    • Dates: 6- 16. July
    • Event: Team Building in Budapest and surroungings :  MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
  • nielsen.jpg

    • Client: Nielsen
    • Group size: 24 Pax
    • Destination: Budapest
    • Dates: November 2017
    • EventTransfers, Team Cooking, dinner, beverages, Photos & Videos from the event... 
  • nike-logo-198431.jpg
  • nokia.png

    • Client: Nokia Siemens Networks
    • Project: Incentive 
    • Participants: 26 pax 
    • Destination: Riga
  • novo-nordisk.png

    • Client: Novo Nordisk
    • Project: Incentive 
    • Participants: 20 pax (International)
    • Destination: Riga
      "Thank you very much for your assistance. The event went well and the guests were satisfied with the activities offered."
  • obp1.jpg

    • Client: OBP incentive (Polish Incentive Agency)
    • Participants: 45 Pax
    • Dates: September
    • Destination:  Vilnius
  • OnGame1.jpg

    • Client:  Ongame
    • Participants: 90 Pax
    • Destination:  Tallinn, Latvia
    • Services: Daytime activities and Catering Management
  • Photobox.png

    • Country: Photobox Ltd (UK)
    • Group size: 60 pax
    • Dates: 15th April 2015
    • Event: The Race - Build and Drive Grand Prix
    • Services provided: Transfers,  event organization, evening F&B
  • pg.png

    • Client: P&G
    • Participants: 20 Pax
    • Dates: December 2013
    • Destination: Riga 
  • QT.jpg

    • Client: Quadrotech
    • Group size: 100 Pax
    • Destination: Budapest
    • Dates: 15-22nd January
    • EventFull Service Company Retreat
  • Radisson.png

    • Client: Radisson Blu
    • Group size: 13 Pax
    • Dates: 9 Jan 2015
    • Destination:  Riga
    • Event: Company Away day
    • Services: Strategic workshop, creative workshops, catering and culinary workshop with professional chef
  • The_logo_of_RTU_Riga_Business_School11.jpg

    • Client: Riga Business School
    • Participants: 30 Pax
    • Dates: Every Year
    • Destination:  Riga
  • B_1210_Rohde_Schwarz_Logo1.png

    • Client:  Rohde and Schwarz
    • Participants: 120 Pax
    • Dates: September 2012
    • Destination:  Riga
  • rosenboom.png

      • Client: Rosenboom / Ivka Group, Netherlands
      • Project: Incentive
      • Participants: 12 pax 
      • Destination: Riga
      "We've got a good impression of Riga and are particularly delighted to be working with your company. Next time we will certainly make use of Out There and want to thank you for the excellent cooperation."
  • rovio.png

    • Client: Rovio
    • Project: Team building
    • Participants: 30 Pax
    • Destination: Tallinn
      "We had fun, we had a good times, we had teams being built. QA Approves! Thank you "Travel Out There" for a fun-filled day"."
  • sandvik_logo-300x2491.gif

    • Client: Sandvik incentive
    • Participants: 60 Pax
    • Dates: November
    • Destination:  Budapest
  • 401.jpg

    • Client: Santen Pharma
    • Project: Incentive
    • Participants: 19 pax  
    • Place: Berlin
  • sap.png

    • Client: SAP
    • Destination: Budapest
    • Group size: 110 Pax
    • Dates: 21 April 
    • Event: Filmbuilding activity on Boat Europa, activity followed by Danube cruising and dinner on board


  • Shell_logo.jpg

      • Client: Shell
      • Participants: 25
      • Destination: Tallinn, Estonia
      • Date: September 2016
      • Event type: City Snakes and Ladders, CSR programme


  • Shell_logo1.jpg

    • Client: Shell
    • Participants: 16 Pax
    • Dates: November 2013
    • Destination:  Berlin
    • Transfers
    • Restaurants
    • Bars
    • Daytime activties
  • wiseguys.png

      Client: SWG
      Group size: 40-6-30 Pax
      Dates:  22 August, 16 September, 30 September
      1. Get to know Riga -  City code game.
      2. Team-Building for Manegers
      3. Team-building specialised for startup teams.  


  • statoil_logo1.jpg

    • Client: Statoil
    • Group size: 150 Pax
    • Dates: September 2009
    • Destination:  Riga
  • swissotel.png

    • Client:  Swisotel
    • Group size: 8 Pax
    • Project:  Incentive
    • Dates: August 2010
    • Destination:  Riga
  • TDK.jpg

    • Client: TDK Lambda
    • Group size: 150 Pax
    • DestinationRiga
    • Dates21-24.6.2017
  • merrild.png

    • Client: Merrild
    • Project: Teambuilding 
    • Participants: 27 PAX 
    • Destination: Riga 
  • enl_Thule-Logo1.jpg

    • Client: Thule
    • Participants: 45 Pax
    • Dates: September 2013
    • Destination:  Berlin
  • TOT.png

    • Client: Internal event
    • Group size: 20 Pax
    • Dates: February 2014
    • Destination:  Riga 
  • trondheim.png

    • Client: Trondheim Kommune
    • Participants: 60 Pax
    • Dates: November 2010
    • Destination:  Riga
  • tui1.png

    • Client: TUI, Hannover
    • Participants: 13 Pax
    • Dates: April 2013
    • Destination: RIga



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Budapest DMC (Destination Management)


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Our Testimonials


Travel Out There has a  proven track record as your trusted DMC partner in Budapest. Since establishing our Budapest DMC operation in 2009, our experienced and reputable Budapest DMC team has been providing exciting, original and professionally organised corporate events in Budapest. 


As your Budapest DMC, we believe in organising a corporate event in Budapest as the perfect way for your company to motivate your staff and improve individual communication between team members. Our Budapest Incentive Ideas will empower your management team and lead to you more easily identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your company's team.


By providing a unique choice of Team Building Activities and expert management support, Budapest Out There DMC seek to provide our clients with the finest tailor-made Corporate Meetings, Conferences, Incentives and Events service in Budapest. 



"I would recommend partnering Travel Out There as the range of services they provide 
combined with their professional attitude 
can not be faulted. Our event manager 
was very personal and made sure that 
all our needs were dealt with promptly.  
We were very focused on ensuring
that everything was perfect for this 
corporate event and Travel Out There 
were always mindful of this and made 
sure every little detail was managed to our expectations. We look forward to working 
with Travel Out There in the future!".

Sarah Goudreault,

Special Events Specialist at EXFO


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Imola Goro
Your Partner in Budapest

Imola has worked in the travel industry for over 10 years and she has extensive experience working in the MICE-field but also with special interests groups and leisure clients. Imola is a genius at creating tailor made experiences and knows all the spots of Budapest worth considering. 




     Planning an Incentive in Budapest? Check out our Budapest (DMC) Destination Management Guide.

Travel Out There, your trusted DMC (Destination Management Company) in Budapest will help to make your conference in Budapest a big success and an experience your employees will want to tell the whole world about!

It is simply beautiful

Budapest, the Paris of the East, is often stated as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Divided into two parts by the magnificent Danube river the picturesque city offers a long intriguing history, five UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a eclectic mix of architecture styles. A walk through the city will offer you Roman amphitheaters, Gothic-styled cathedrals, Romantic-styled Synagogue and Ottoman-styled baths just to mention a few of the architectural treasures to be found. 


Thermal spas

Budapest is the undefeated Capital of Spas in Europe. With 188 hot springs in Budapest alone, Hungary has a bath culture that date all the way back to the Romans. The medicinal water springs has a tempretaure between 21 to 78 degrees Celsius and is known to have healing powers. What better way to relax after a conference day and meetings than to sink down into one of the many relaxing thermal baths this city has to offer?


Growing MICE destination

With its beauty, rich cultural life and excellent choice of high-class hotels and conference facilities and venues Budapest is seeing a large increase as a MICE- destination. In 2011 Hungary hosted 602 international conferences and 70 fairs and exhibitions, which all together involved more than 125 000 participants. There are many excellent and out-of-the-ordinary venues to be found, and the biggest can hold up to 2000 people. Together with 5000 first class hotel rooms Budapest makes for a perfect choice for your next conference.



     Venues in Budapest

The captivating city of Budapest offers many interesting and top class venues. Get a feeling of Budapest's rich history while hosting your conference in one of the cities many beautiful museum buildings, or inside the historical Hungarian Academy of Science, the most important and prestigious academic association in Hungary. 

If your looking for something out of the ordinary, you can host your meeting in Budapest on a boat and enjoy a breath taking view of the city from the Danube river.

Budapest also has a great selection of luxurious hotels where we can arrange for your conference to be held. For example the stunning neo classical-styled hotel Corinthia. For bigger conferences we recommend the Budapest Congress Centre, with modern facilities and top of the line equipment and a capacity of up to 2000 people.

No matter what you choose for your conference, with Travel Out There it is sure to be an experience out of the ordinary!

Budapest Congress Centre

Academy of Science

Európa Boat

    Why us?

We have local event managers in Budapest, and at all of our destinations, rather than in an out-of-touch office somewhere in Western Europe, which gives us a local expertise and valuable contacts in Budapest. We will not only advise you on the best Budapest has to offer we can also help you access venues and entertainment options that you could not access independently.

Travel Out There's DMC services in Budapest will help you arrange all the details around your conference and tailor it to fit your exact needs, budget and specifications. We will source for conference facilities, do inspection tours, handle the communication with the venue and arrange technical equipment and even guest speakers if you would like. We will arrange hotel rooms, enthusing group activitiesteam building eventssightseeing tours and transfers (we can even pick your crew up at the airport in a retro styled Trabant!) 

We value each and every corporate client with the utmost importance and understand that we are acting as an extension of your company. We know what it takes to operate a well-run corporate event and are always willing to go that 'extra mile' to ensure that everything runs smoothly and exceeds your expectations.

For questions, inquires or booking, please don't hestitate to contact our local Budapest manager, either by completing our online enquiry form or calling 00 44 208 123 2077. We're looking forward to hearing from you!