Restaurants in Budapest


by Imola Goro - Your Event Manager in Budapest


The restaurant scene in Budapest is constantly evolving, with over 1000 restaurants and new places opening up every month. Avoid the hassle of having to read through all the Budapest restaurant reviews to find a decent place to eat. Budapest Out There has put together our selection of the best restaurants in Budapest.


Gourmet Restaurants 

Symbol Budapest is over 220 years old, and is a sure bet if you want to try the most delicate dishes from the Hungarian and Slovak cuisine. Their professional waiters and excellent sommeliers will guide you through the specialties of these cuisines. 




Laid-back Restaurants

The charming Articsóka with its roof top terrace and live music, offers a comfy atmosphere and a delicious mix of Hungarian and Mediterranean cuisine. Menza serves great food in a sophisticated atmosphere with a decor that mixes contemporary style with the old socialist era. The small Italian-styled Cafe Picard, located in the charming area surrounding the Parliament offers delicious food throughout the day. Koveles is a favorite among locals and only serves fresh, locally grown and additive free food.

Traditional Restaurants

No visit to a foreign country is complete without having tired the local cuisine and there are many traditional restaurants in Budapest to choose from. For a full dining experience head to King Arthur where the Hungarian dishes and wines are accompanied with sword fighting and live renaissance music. For a real indulgence in Hungarian sweets try Noé Cukrászda, a pastry-coffee shop that makes some of the best sweet and savory pastries in the city.




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