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    • Client: Shell
    • Participants: 25
    • Destination: Tallinn, Estonia
    • Event type: City Snakes and Ladders, CSR programme


Shell Polska Sp. z o.o. social responsibility


“They were extremely impressed of our idea (none of them knew what we have organized, so this was a surprise). They enjoyed a lot the idea of building something together, as they are used to cooperate together only in business, so some hands-on-work was really interesting. Moreover, the idea of helping local community was brilliant. They liked it so much so they have asked me to organize something similar on every meeting. They also enjoyed the city game and were generally impressed of how beautiful Tallinn is! I know they were really happy of overall impression and organization! “

-Agata Bejnarowicz (groups` leader on the teams` experience)-


Country: Poland

Decription of the event: The day started with an adventure that took the Shell Polska team through the city of Tallinn. The team chose the City Snakes and Ladder game, allowing them to get to know the cities’ sights, its` history and cultural life in an unusual way. The game is played on tablets in specialized app. You get questions and tasks all around the city and each of them are marked with points - the harder the question or the task is, the higher amount of points you can get. The team was split in two groups, this way it added a little bit of competitive spirit to the whole day. Now teams had to choose their strategies and work together. Having said that you can see that they not only gained the knowledge of the city, but also they had to work as a team outside the office space. We believe that that allows our client to get to know their colleagues better and improve their ability to work together, so that can later be transferred to the projects in working environment and raise their efficiency.


Wanting to improve even more as a team, Shell Polska team members took on CSR program - Corporate Social Responsibility program - as well. CSR program is a project that has a mutual benefit to the company and local community. It is fun, rewarding and memorable experience, that you get by putting your hands-on-work in a project that somehow makes an impact to our world. We believe and hope that this helps to make a little bit of a better place to live in, no matter what is done. This time our client chose to help Tallinn’s` local animal shelter. Considering the results of the City Snakes and Ladders game, groups were given materials that helped them to build playgrounds for animals. The group that scored the best received "better" and more materials, then the other group, allowing to be in a leader position. This way we tried to want the groups to make an extra effort in the city game, knowing that it is the work that you put in, that later gives back the results.  Of course in this case it was not about being the best, but cooperating with each other to make the best possible outcome. It was interesting and heart-warming to see that the groups now focused on the overall purpose. They forgot about competing with each other – they shared given materials, involved all of the team members, help each other and work together just to come out with the best possible result. Moreover, it looked like a lot of fun and unforgettable experience.


Overall all of the Shell team members came out with great memories of the day and learned a few lessons that later can be put to use not only in working environment, but also in everyday situations. It was a day full of fun activities and working as a team, that resulted in making a little difference in our little world.