Please choose one of our recommendations to your liking.
Menu options:
1st menu
- Chicken liver cream with parsley, fresh toast and paprika salad
- Hungarian fish soup with Kotanyi paprika and homemade pasta
- Cottage cheese balls with blueberry mousse and sweet minty sour cream
2nd menu
- Crunchy vegetable bites with cucumber mayonnaise
- Catfish ragout with cottage cheese and dill pie

- Pumpkin-poppy seed strudel

3rd menu
- Potato soup with sheep cheese, bacon chips and chive-pesto
- Pork tenderloin with wild mushroom mix barley and garlic-sour cream sauce
- “Gundel” pancakes á la Gastropolis
4th menu
- Mushroom Soup with sour cream and toast topped with Hungarian cottage cheese cream “körözött”
- Hungarian roast beef with fried onions, celery-potato purée and paprika sauce
- Cottage cheese pie “Rákóczi” style
5th menu
- Duck liver with caramelized onions served with braided sweet bread
- Hungarian venison ragout served with “lángos” - Sponge Cake Somlói style
You can make your choice mixing the meals, we are flexible in this!
Welcome snack (recommended 2 varieties)
- Hungarian patty cakes made with greaves or cottage cheese
- Fresh grissini and vegetable sticks with various dips

Dips (recommended 2 varieties)

- Fresh Herb Yogurt Dip
- Aubergine and Cheese Dip
- Coconut, Carrot Dip

- Ginger, Basil Beetroot Dip

- Sandwich-canapé plates
- Fresh homemade bread with duck greaves, Hungarian cottage cheese cream and fresh vegetables
- Stuffed Pepper with Curd cheese
- Cheese selection, walnut, honey, grapes
Gastro drinks package – Basic EUR 9,- / person
- Welcome drink

- Coca Cola soft drinks and homemade lemonade
- Mineral water

- Coffee
- Nespresso
- Tea
2. Gastro drink package – Classic EUR 17,5- / person
- Welcome drink
- Wine selection 40 bottles: Dúzsi Rozé (2014), Laposa Friss (2014), Figula Zenit (2014), Ikon Merlot (2012), St. Andrea Akutyafáját (2012)
- Beer selection 60 bottles (Heineken, Dreher)
- Coca Cola soft drinks and homemade lemonade - Mineral water
- Coffee – Nespresso
- Tea
3. Gastro drink package – Premium (unlimited) EUR 29,- / person
- Welcome drink
- Wine selection Konyári rozé (2014), Sauska Furmint (2013), Dúzsi
Rozé (2014), Ráspi Kopár (2011), Laposa Friss (2014), Nagygombosi Gamay Noir Rozé, Figula Zenit (2014), St. Andrea Akutyafáját (2012)
- Beer selection - Heineken, Dreher

- Palinka selection- Harmatrázó

- Coca Cola soft drinks and homemade lemonade
- Mineral water

- Coffee – Nespresso

- Tea





Budapest Incentive - We manage everything so that YOU can enjoy the city!


  • English-speaking event management
  • Code game experience
  • Prizes for winning team / Presents and gifts
  • Theme Idea and Consultation
  • Full Catering Requirements
  • Multiple Entertainment options
  • Accommodation search 
  • Team Building Activities
  • Full Transfer Services



Budapest DMC (Destination Management in Budapest)


       Thinking of organising your Incentive in Budapest? 


As your trusted Destination Management Company (DMC) in Budapest, Travel Out There has listed the three reasons why you should host your next incentive in Budapest:


It is simply beautiful


Budapest, the Paris of the East, is often stated as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Divided into two parts by the magnificent Danube river the picturesque city offers a long intriguing history, five UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a eclectic mix of architecture styles. A walk through the city will offer you Roman amphitheaters, Gothic-styled cathedrals, Romantic-styled Synagogue and Ottoman-styled baths just to mention a few of the architectural treasures to be found. 


Thermal spas


Budapest is the undefeated Capital of Spas in Europe. With 188 hot springs in Budapest alone, Hungary has a bath culture that date all the way back to the Romans. The medicinal water springs has a tempretaure between 21 to 78 degrees Celsius and is known to have healing powers. What better way to relax after a conference day and meetings than to sink down into one of the many relaxing thermal baths this city has to offer?


Growing MICE destination


With its beauty, rich cultural life and excellent choice of high-class hotels and conference facilities and venues Budapest is seeing a large increase as a MICE- destination. In 2011 Hungary hosted 602 international conferences and 70 fairs and exhibitions, which all together involved more than 125 000 participants. There are many excellent and out-of-the-ordinary venues to be found, and the biggest can hold up to 2000 people. Together with 5000 first class hotel rooms Budapest makes for a perfect choice for your next conference.


So why should you choose us as your Budapest Destination Management Company (DMC) to organise your Budapest incentive? 

Travel Out There has a  proven track record as your trusted DMC partner in Budapest. Since establishing our Budapest DMC operation in 2009, our experienced and reputable Budapest DMC team has been providing exciting, original and professionally organised incentives in Budapest. 


As your Budapest DMC, we believe in organising a corporate event in Budapest as the perfect way for your company to motivate your staff and improve individual communication between team members. Our Budapest Incentive Ideas will empower your management team and lead to you more easily identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your company's team.


By providing a unique choice of Team Building Activities and expert management support, Budapest Out There DMC seek to provide our clients with the finest tailor-made Corporate Meetings, Conferences, Incentives and Events service in Budapest. 



Contact our local Budapest DMC Office Our Network of Competence is your Confidence